4 Lovely Traditional Bengali Bridal Saree Selections To Paint A Pretty Picture

When the wedding buzz is in the air, you can feel it. You can more than feel it if you are the bride-to-be! Do I want a Chignon or a Beehive bun or a half up-do? Do I want the Kundan or Lac jewellery for the wedding day? What eye shadow and what nail colour? Oh my god! It is a surprise if the bride does not have a melt-down when it comes to wedding prep because from the eye lash to the entire wedding bash, everything must be flawless on the day of the wedding. And it is only genuine to want that as people will remember and talk of this day to your children and their children! So it is no shocker that the greatest effort in the Indian wedding situation is in building a flawless trousseau for the bride. The bridal treasury, as we saw already, is composed of the finest bridal jewellery and all other accessories that are built around the bridal attire. Bridal clothes are very important in the Indian wedding, and very different in each of the different cultures that one would encounter in India. The koora pudavai for the Tamil wedding orlehenga choli for the North Indian weddings, exemplify the beauty and diversity of India through cultural practices observed in weddings. One such variant is the Bengali bridal saree which is one of those bridal attires that have not lost tradition in the name of taste. Exquisite Bengali bridal sarees continue to adorn the Bengali brides in what is considered one of the most interesting types of Indian weddings. It also helps that the Bengali brides are some of the most beautiful women you will ever find! Here are four great Bengali bridal sarees for that spectacular finish to your Bengali bridal profile!

1. Bright Red Silk Bengali Bridal Saree With Gold Zari

1 bengali bride

Image : Photographians Photography

One could write an epic poem on the bridal red— the burning fire of the hot summer sun on the lips of a beauty, an unsung rose; sorry, I got carried away. What you have here is a beautiful traditional Bengali bridal silk sareewith gold zari that goes perfectly with lustrous gold bridal jewellery. The blouse or choli, which features the common quarter sleeve, also adds to the entire bridal look with maybe a baaju band or armlet for added bling. The bridal red speaks for itself so eloquently in the traditional form— well said, bridal red!

2. Full Silver Zari Bengali Bridal Saree In Deep Red With Half-Sleeved Choli

2 red and white bengali bride

Image: Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography

Another bodily form of the beautiful bridal red, this is a beautiful red silk saree that is fully and richly adorned with silver zari through the main body of the saree. The grand floral paisleys in silver bordering the saree are applied to the border of the plain half sleeve choli. The plain red of the blouse accentuates the grandeur of the silver zariwith grace.

3. Embellished Red Bengali Bridal Saree With Net Pallu

This gorgeous bridal saree puts a whole new spin on the bridal red— the silver and gold print patterns and the extensively embellished borders of the saree, and the netted pallu with similar border and additional tassels on the corners. This is perfect for a bridal look so impeccable that the groom cannot wait to tie the jor bandha!

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4. Peacock Blue Silk Saree With Elaborate Art Zari For Front Pallu

This beautiful peacock blue Bengali bridal saree may just have what it takes to be in your perfect trousseau— the selling point is the elaborate work of art that is the zari that can be displayed when draped as a front pallu. Beautiful and artful bridal saree for a classy bride!