Bengali Bridal Jewellery: 9 Amazing Ways To Mix & Match

Bengali bridal jewellery is an inherent part of every bride’s attire. Bengali weddings are known for the endearing and extravagant celebrations and events. We bring to you 9 amazing traditional Bengali bridal jewellery accessories that can complete your whole bridal look for the big day. So read on to find the most exclusive and elaborately done maang tikkas, naths, bracelets and more from our extensive collection of Bengali bridal jewellery.


For a bride looking for great Bengali bridal jewellery options, here are 9 amazingly authentic bridal jewellery accessories that go well with the overall Benagli bridal look.

1.Maang Tikka: Authentic Bengali Bridal Jewellery

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Maang Tikka

Maang tikka, tikli, or maatha patti is the quintessential Bengali bridal jewellery for every Bengali bride. Traditionally, Bengali brides wear a gold one but contemporary trends have introduced the likes of polka and kundan. The options range from single tikka in the centre to an elaborate one with chains all across the forehead.

2. Nath: Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewellery

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Nath

The nath or the ‘nose ring’ is another very important part of Bengali bridal jewellery. Traditionally, large gold rings were worn with an elaborate chain going all the way up to the side of the forehead. One can choose between a nose ring with a chain or without. Even those who do not have nose piercings can wear clip-on nose rings.

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3. Bangles And Bracelets

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Bangles And Bracelets

Bengali brides love to adorn their wrist with bangles. Glass bangles, gold bangles, metal bangles, bracelets, pearls, stones… the options are numerous! Traditional Bengali bangles like choor, navratna and the evergreen shakha pola bangles look absolutely stunning too!

4. Haath Patti: Designer Bengali Bridal Jewellery

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Haath Patti

Haath patti is a beautiful bracelet and ring attached by a single or multiple chains. It beautifully adorns the whole hand and looks elegant. Traditionally, gold haathpatti was worn by the brides but now beautiful kundans and delicate metal chains have become popular too. Wearing a haath patti made of flowers for the mehndi ceremony is a great idea too!

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5. Paayal

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Paayal

Paayal or anklets add a touch of glamour and elegance to mehndi adorned feet of Dulhan. Paayals are essential Bengali bridal jewellery for a complete head-to-toe bridal look! These too offer multiple options from thin delicate metal chains to elaborate kundan or stone work.

6. Haar

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Haar

The haar, or the necklace, is probably the most extravagant statement piece of Bengali bridal jewellery. It is elaborate, intricate and probably the most significant piece of jewellery a bride wears. While some prefer to wear family heirlooms, others prefer a more contemporary look. Complete gold, diamond studded, kundan or polki are the most popular. You can choose between one or multiple necklaces!

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7. Kamarbandh

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Kamarbandh

The kamarbandh or waistband has always been associated with royal and regal dressing for Indian women. Bengali brides love their kamarbandh as it adds a touch of sparkle to the outfit and also looks beautifully feminine. A simple and narrow kamarbandh looks beautiful and is also more comfortable while sitting!

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8. Jhumka

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Jhumka

Jhumkas or earrings are an absolute must-have in our list of Bengali bridal jewellery! While most bridal necklaces come as a set with a pair of wedding earrings, you can always choose something different to wear, as long as it does not look out of place! Traditional gold jhumkas are an evergreen option, but the newer and stylish crystal chandeliers look beautiful too!

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9. Wedding Ring

Bengali Bridal Jewellery - Ring

While your engagement ring is one, we are talking about big and bold rings that make a statement and stand out! A single statement ring is enough to make a mehndi decorated hand look elegant!

So that’s our take on the ‘must-haves’ of Bengali bridal jewellery. What is your take on it? Would you rather go all the way traditional or contemporary or create a fusion look?