16 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

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Have you ever noticed that most of the beauty products contain Vitamin E as the primary component? Vitamin E treats skin, hair and all health issues effectively. Here we are listing the amazing benefits of Vitamin E oil to health, skin and hair.

Vitamin E Oil for Health

Vitamin E’s many benefits can be attributed to the fact that it is an antioxidant. Vitamin E improves immunity, as the antioxidants remove the free radicals which damage the body.

1. Vitamin E Heals Stretch Marks:

Frequent weight fluctuations can cause stretch marks easily. Vitamin E oil heals the skin from within and fades the stretch marks (1) and also any dark scars.

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2. Vitamin E for Burns:

The use of Vitamin E oil is highly recommended to heal burns (2). This would work only for smaller burns and not major ones. Let the burn cool down, apply some Vitamin E oil directly to the area that is affected and leave it, remember not to drag or put too much pressure on the skin.

3. Vitamin E Oil for Prevention of Skin Cancer:

People who spend most of their time under the sun can be at high risk of skin cancer (3). A simple tip of adding a layer of Vitamin E oil to the skin in a way of mixing the sunscreen with the oil and applying it on the skin before going out can be really beneficial to avoid this serious health issue.

4. Vitamin E Oil for Treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis:

The application of Vitamin E oil on the affected area on a regular basis has shown effective results in curing skin conditions such as psoriasis (4) and eczema (5).

5. Vitamin E Oil for Healing of Cold Sores:

Any skin prone to severe dryness or damage can be easily treated with Vitamin E oil. Remember to always buy a small bottle at the departmental store when winters are setting in. Regular application of the oil can heal the cold sores (6). You can give yourself daily protection against lip sores by using this oil as a lip moisturizer.

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6. Vitamin E Oil for Heart:

Vitamin E oil helps in thinning of the blood which is an excellent benefit to avoid heart attacks or any blockage in heart. It is best to talk to a doctor for the right amount of Vitamin E to be taken to get best results. It is also true that good high levels of Vitamin E reduce the risk of sunstroke and artery disorder or any heart disease (7).

7. Vitamin E Oil To Build Up Immune System:

Vitamin E has good quantities of antioxidant properties. Antioxidants remove any free radicals from the body. Immunity levels improve and thereby, and you will feel better and fall sick lesser (8).

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Vitamin E Oil for Skin

8. Vitamin E Oil for Spots and Wrinkles:

Vitamin E effectively removes age spots. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and slowly fades them away with regular usage. Vitamin E fights back free radicals and thus, fades away wrinkles. The fine lines in skin can reduce as the Vitamin E will boost the production of collagen which will increase the elasticity. Vitamin E oil when applied regularly will rejuvenate the skin making it healthier and glowing (9).

9. Vitamin E Oil Makes Skin Soft:

Vitamin E oil can be applied as a night beauty treatment once a week. The antioxidants in the oil protect the cells in the skin and prevent the formation of the new free radicals which can easily damage skin (10).

10. Vitamin E Oil Removes Brown Spots:

The brown dark spots that are caused due to the production of melanin and aging can be effectively reduced with application of Vitamin E. Vitamin E oil has the strength to repair the skin and prevent the spots (11).  You can apply Vitamin E oil for skin directly in order to lighten these spots and also to make the skin taut.

11. Vitamin E Oil for Your Cuticles:

When buying cuticle oils proves expensive, you should try Vitamin E oil as cuticle strengthener. The oil from Vitamin E is effective in adding shine to dry cuticles. Gently apply few drops of this oil directly on the cuticles and nails to prevent them from drying. You will notice the improvement in nails. (12)

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12. Vitamin E Oil As A Cleansing Agent:

Vitamin E oil is an amazing cleanser suitable for all skin types. Impurities like dirt and pollution cause damage to the skin. A simple idea of applying Vitamin E oil, by gently layering your skin with this oil every night before sleeping can impart radiant glow to skin (13).

Vitamin E Oil for Hair

Vitamin E oil is very beneficial for hair growth and shine. Regular massage of this oil supported by a balanced diet can show great benefits of shiny and lustrous hair. The massage of Vitamin E oil improves blood circulation in scalp and thus,  adds shine to the hair. Vitamin E hair oil is used widely in the hair spa treatments for hair loss and other hair related problems.

13. Vitamin E Oil Stimulates Hair Growth:

Vitamin E oil massage increases the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. A healthy supply of blood is a good stimulant for hair to grow and flourish (14). It helps in preventing gray hair and nourishes your scalp.

14. Vitamin E Oil For Lustrous Hair:

A good oil massage of Vitamin E oil regularly will deeply condition the hair and render it healthier and shinier. The best of the oil can also be achieved by consuming Vitamin E oil which helps in increasing oxygen content in the body, which thereby, improves blood circulation to your scalp. This stimulates the sebum in the hair, which makes the hair more lustrous (15).

15. Vitamin E Oil For Split Ends:

Hair treatments, pollution, hair dryness are causes for hair split end problems .It can be easily treated at home. Massage 2 big tablespoons of Vitamin E oil gently to the scalp and then cover up your hair with a warm towel (16). This hair treatment will ensure smooth and moisturized hair.

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16. Vitamin E Oil For Pre-mature Greying:

Vitamin E oil is one of the best sources to slow down the aging process (17). Gray hair looks unhealthy and definitely not good on any one. All you have to do is apply Vitamin E oil. The best benefits of Vitamin E can be obtained by application of the oil on the hair from roots to tips and also, by consuming Vitamin E rich foods in diet like soya wheat germ, beans, sprouts, spinach, broccoli and eggs.

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Vitamin E oil benefits are really effective if taken under proper guidance; always consult a doctor for dosage verification. For external skin and hair uses, you should do a small patch test to check whether you are allergic or not. If you love to have healthy body and younger looking skin and hair, include Vitamin E oil in your daily life.

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