15 Wonderful Benefits Of Reishi For Skin, Hair And Health

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Reishi is a herbal mushroom known to have miraculous medicinal properties and health benefits. Legends about this mushroom’s rejuvenating qualities are widespread. Known to enhance agility, suppleness, and strength, this is unarguably a herb that has given people a healthier and longer lifespan.

Known as Ganoderma lucidum scientifically, this mushroom species is known across the world under different names like Ling Zhi, Lucid Ganoderma, and Linh Chi. Packed with alkaloids, polysaccharides, Triterpenes, Ganoderic acid and Coumarins, these herbal mushrooms are innately rich with analgesic, antipyretic, antimicrobial, splenic, cytotoxic, and sedative properties, to name a few.

Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Skin

1. Slows Down Premature Ageing:

The Ling Zhi 8-protein and Ganodermic acid present in Reishi are rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents. Both these ingredients work in harmony, empowering the immune system and promoting blood circulation. A stronger immune system, in turn, eases free radical activities, which means your wrinkles, fine lines, and inflammations reduces. An improved blood circulation improves the elasticity and tone of your skin, slowing down the ageing process, leaving you with a clear and younger looking skin.

2. Eases Skin Problems:

Various studies conducted on these mushrooms indicate that they possess the ability to cure various external skin issues, such as wounds, sunburns, rashes, and insect bites. And how does this happen? A harmonized functioning of its anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergenic properties – when the combination starts working, your immunity peps up, blood circulation improves, and healing begins.

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Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Hair

3. Slows Premature Hair Loss and Balding:

This is one of the ancient Chinese cures to prevent balding due to premature hair loss. When mixed with other anti-hair loss herbs, this works as a restorative tonic for your hair. Packed with antioxidants, it also eases the stress levels and combats free radicals – the main culprits behind hair loss and balding.

4. Promotes Hair Growth:

This mushroom has anti-inflammatory properties and also improves the circulation of blood. It is also a powerhouse of antioxidants. All these actions work in coordination, enabling a stronger set of hair follicles. It stimulates your hair shaft, paving way for a lush hair growth.

5. Retains Hair Color:

Prevent your hair from losing its natural hue and sheen and fight off premature graying with this medicinal herb. Chinese and Japanese traditional medicines use Ganoderma along with He Shu Wu and Fo Ti to help prevent premature graying of hair. Known for its positive impact on circulatory system, this herb makes a natural remedy for maintaining the natural color of your hair.

Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

6. Natural Immune Modulator:

Reishi is known to give the immune system a boost, irrespective of its current functioning level. The rare polysaccharides in this plant possess the potential to augment DNA and RNA present in bone marrow, improving the production of B cells. B cells, along with the T cells, are vital when it comes to the functioning of the immune system. Along with regulating the immune system of the body, this mushroom ensures you a speedy recovery when you are chronically ill.

7. Detoxifies and Strengthens Liver:

Reishi is a potential liver regenerator, according to some studies. Various researches conducted suggest that the wild variant for this herb is gifted with powerful ingredients that can detoxify the liver. This, in turn, puts an end to the free radical activities, simultaneously paving way for cell regeneration. This mushroom is also known to play a vital role in the efficient synthesis of fatty acids and bile, ensuring speedy detoxification of chemicals. Gandosterone present in this herb is a powerful anti-hepatotoxic agent, which is useful in promoting faster recovery in cases of chronic hepatitis.

8. Natural Adaptogen:

Studies suggest that this herb has the power to energize the body and help it combat stress. It normalizes your metabolism rate, and enables you to stay calm and composed. But make sure you take this in restricted amounts as an excessive dose can trigger insomnia and palpitations.

9. Anti-Cancerous And Anti-Tumor Properties:

Doctors in Japan have approved Reishi as a cure for assorted types of cancer, when used in conjunction with radiation and other anti-cancerous drugs. Studies suggest that along with easing the negative impacts of radiation and chemotherapy, this mushroom also possesses the power to prevent the growth and spread of tumor cells. Being an immune modulator, it also helps in revitalizing and renewing the immune system, enabling faster recovery.

10. Combats Depression:

This mushroom has well-known, effective, and efficient impact on the state of your mind. Known for its mood improving and calming properties, Reishi is one of the most sought after anti-depressant herbs. It eases irritability and anxiety, calms the mind, relaxes the body, and helps you overcome depression.

11. Bid adieu to Allergies:

Studies conducted by Japanese scientists suggest that this mushroom is a natural antihistamine. It has the potential to prevent the release of histamines when you are subjected to some kind of allergies or anaphylactic shock or even hay fever and atopic dermatitis. That is why it is quite popular as a herbal remedy for allergies.

12. Shed your Excess Weight:

Obesity and being overweight is the result of a slow metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate, the better the chances of burning fat quickly. Using this herb in a judicious way enables you to increase the body’s metabolism rate, helping it lose weight in a healthy, irreversible way.

13. Nourishes Respiratory System:

Reishi has a positive impact on your respiratory system. People suffering from various respiratory conditions, including simple cold and cough and sinusitis or more severe conditions like asthma and bronchitis, can use this herb to reap its benefit.

14. Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Touted to be an efficient anti-hypertensive and hypocholesterolemic agent, Reishi has amazing affect on your cardiovascular health. It helps to lower and regulate the blood pressure levels of the body. It also helps to bring down the cholesterol levels in blood. When these ingredients are kept under control, then you will be less prone to heart and vascular conditions, including stroke and atherosclerosis.

15. Eases Inflammatory Conditions:

Many a time, inflammatory conditions are accompanied by intense levels of pain. Arthritis and neuralgia are two such conditions. Studies suggest that this mushroom contains compounds that help in easing the inflammation prevailing in such conditions, alleviating and easing the pain experienced by the sufferer.

A Word of Caution

Being a miraculous herb does not mean that it only does magic! As with other herbs and plants, Reishi mushroom side effects also pop up!

  • Studies suggest that using Reishi while on immunosuppressive drugs or after undergoing organ transplant can interfere with their functioning.
  • Extended non-judicious use of this herb is known to cause upset stomach, sore throat, skin rashes, dizziness, insomnia, and palpitations.
  • Since there are no evidences showing the impact of this mushroom while pregnant or lactating, it is advisable to stay away from Reishi during these periods.

Reishi is available across the word in ready made forms, including Reishi mushroom capsules, powders, and tonics. There are quite a handful of cosmetic products where this herb has been used as an active ingredient. Try these to reap the benefits of Reishi mushroom, but do check with your doctor if you are an allergy-prone person.

Have you ever used a Reishi product? How was your experience? Did you find this article helpful? Do leave us a comment!

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