5 Incredible Benefits Of Naturopathic Pregnancy

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Are you expecting and suffering from nausea more often than normal? Do you feel stressed about your pregnancy? If you nodded along in agreement, naturopathy might be the answer to your problems. Read our post to learn more about naturopathy and benefits of naturopathic pregnancy.

What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a unique primary health care treatment involving natural cures and exercises that stimulate healing power and promote health without using any medications. Naturopathic remedies involve nutritious diet, appropriate exercise, herbs, and massage. Naturopathy helps treat heartburn, morning sickness, constipation, and hormonal acne ensuring you and your baby’s good health and safety. Naturopathy is the best solution to cure health problems during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at how naturopathy is beneficial during pregnancy. (1)

Health Benefits Of Naturopathic Pregnancy:

1. Treats Morning Sickness:

About 80% expecting mothers suffer from morning sickness. Ginger is an effective natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. Drinking ginger tea daily helps alleviate the various symptoms of morning sickness in expecting mothers. You can add a dash of honey to sweeten the tea. Also, make sure you use fresh ingredients when treating morning sickness. (2)

2. Treats Heartburn:

Naturopathy involves the use of natural cures such as fruits to soothe the harmful effect of heartburn in expecting mothers. Various compounds in the fruits balance your overall body system, promote digestion, and cure heartburn substantially. Naturopathy also employs the use of herbs like peppermint, ginger root, fennel, and chamomile, to eliminate the symptoms of heartburn without using any medications during pregnancy. (3)

3. Treats Constipation:

Expecting mothers usually suffer from constipation problems as pregnancy leads to compact bowels. Increasing fibrous foods and liquid intake in the regular diet can help relieve constipation during pregnancy. Also, fetal growth and development demand greater fluid requirement. Naturopathic fluid intake promotes fetal development, alleviates the symptoms of constipation, and ensures that the fetus does not suffer from adverse effects due to compact bowels. Also, naturopathy prevents the risk of the development of hemorrhoids during the pregnancy.

4. Treats Hormonal Acne:

Sometimes, expecting mothers develop acne due to the flux of hormones. Naturopathy helps balance these hormones and treats acne using a balanced diet and herbs. It prevents you from using cosmetics that contain harmful ingredients, which may affect your fetus. Natural cures, such as infusion of lavender oil and olive oil, help to rid acne without harming the development and health of your unborn baby. Consult a naturopath before using any essential oil during pregnancy as all essential oils are not safe.

5. Induces Labor:

Chemical-induced labor may result in unbearable pain and violent contractions. So naturopathy is a safe solution to induce labor. Certain herbs in naturopathy possess properties to induce labor without harming you or your unborn baby. Castor oil and other herbs help induce labor without causing any side effects. A good naturopath can prescribe you the right herb to consume for inducing labor. (4)

Apart from these five prominent health benefits of naturopathy during pregnancy, a good naturopath can also guide you with natural remedies to enjoy safe and healthy pregnancy. Other benefits of naturopathy for pregnancy include:

  • Prevention of pre-eclampsia
  • Minimizes muscle cramps
  • Boosts immunity against cold, flu, and allergies
  • Supports fetal growth and development
  • Promotes healthy hormones
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Promotes pre-natal and post-natal health (5)

Hope you liked our post on naturopath and pregnancy. Did you seek naturopathic options while expecting? Were they effective? How did you benefit from them? Share you experience with other expecting mommies here. Leave a comment below.

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