8 Amazing Benefits Of Jalandhara Bandha Yoga

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Do you perform yoga regularly? If yes, then there is one yoga pose that you must include in your regime (if you haven’t included it yet). It is the Jalandhara Bandha pose, which can help you live a healthier life and battle the physical disorders with ease.

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What Is Jalandhar Bandha?

This typical yoga posture is included in Ashtanga yoga, but the reason for its naming is not clear. However, it is assumed the Sanskrit words ‘Jal’ and ‘Dhar’, meaning the web, and stopping the flow, respectively, can be the reason for its naming. It is also known as the chin lock.

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Practicing Jalandhara Bandha:

The good thing is that Jalandhara Bandha can be practiced without getting into any hardcore asana pose. However, you may get into Padmasana pose to practice it. Some people also get into the Bajrasana pose to try this posture.

Steps To Perform Jalandhara Bandha:

To perform Jalandhara Bandha, you need to get into Padmasana. Both the neck and head should be erect.

  1. Keep your palms on your knees (your knees should be stretched outwards).
  2. Then breathe out slowly.
  3. Now, inhale deeply and raise your chest.
  4. It is necessary to hold your breath for 10 seconds.
  5. Raise your chin without tilting the head as far as possible.
  6. Now, bend forward slowly and push your head and neck to the chest.
  7. Now, contract your neck and throat muscles at the same time.
  8. Lower your chin and place it on the jugular notch.
  9. Keep your chin down.
  10. Contract the throat and neck muscles and keep your back straightened.
  11. Look at the tip of your nose.
  12. Be in this position for some time.
  13. Raise your chin and neck to revert to the starting position.

Benefits Of Practicing Jalandhara Bandha:

You get a number of benefits by trying this age old yoga posture. The main Jalandhara Bandha benefits are:

  1. This posture works the spinal cord. It enhances blood circulation, thereby improving the health of your spinal cord.
  1. It impacts the blood vessels that are located below the neck and reduces blood supply to the brain. This slows down body activities. With time and practice, you can slow down your heart rhythm and feel the stillness of body by trying this posture.
  1. It is said to improve thyroid functions.
  1. The posture can help improve your capacity to focus.
  1. It helps free the shoulders, and aligns the upper spine properly.
  1. You may be a little amazed, but performing this pose can help improve your looks! Trying it will help you get rid of double chin. There is no need to opt for costly plastic surgeries.
  1. This pose aids the Vishuddhi chakra, as per ancient wisdom. In turn, you become more efficient in expressing emotions and feelings.
  1. This yoga pose is particularly beneficial for people who need to strain their vocal cords (such as speakers and singers). It facilitates blood flow to the vocal cord.

Tips For Performing Jalandhara Bandha:

To get maximum benefits from this yoga posture, you need to practice it with other apt yoga poses. Jalandhara Bandha should be done after Kumbhka, and before practicing Rechaka. You can practice this while doing Pranayam.

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Points To Keep In Mind:

While the simplicity of Jalandhara Bandha and its benefits are evident, you need to refrain from performing it under certain situations. For example, you should not try it when:

If you are a youngster, yoga may not be your cup of tea. But like all other things, yoga and it’s many benefits are best felt when tried! Try Jalandhara Bandha yoga and share your experience in the comment box below!

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