6 Amazing Benefits Of Elemi Essential Oil

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Have you ever come across Elemi essential oil? Did you know that this innocuous oil has many health benefits? Well, it does! Imagine having a splitting headache. Painful, isn’t it? But, apply a few drops of elemi essential oil and voila, the pain subsides!

What other benefits does this humble looking oil possess? Let’s find out here.

What Is Elemi Essential Oil?

Elemi essential oil comes from the Elemi or ‘Canarium luzonicum’ tree. The trees are indigenous to Philippines and other neighboring nations. The oil is extracted from the tree’s resin and is prepared using steam distillation. It is pale yellow in color and has a sharp pine and a lemony smell. Elemi features extensively in aromatherapy and alternative medicine as a healer of many ailments (1).

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Elemi Essential Oil Benefits

1. Analgesic:

Analgesics are painkilling agents. Most analgesics available in the market today often accompany nasty side effects. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an analgesic that could perform its duties without any side effects? Well, look no further. Elemi essential oil is the answer. The analgesic properties of the oil help relieve pain due to cold, sprains, fevers. It can also relieve headache, joint pain, muscular pain, and migraine (2).

2. Expectorant:

Do you remember your mother feeding you spoonfuls of the sickly sweet cough syrup as a kid? Well, if you do, you might agree that those expectorants and decongestants tasted awful. However, what if we could use an expectorant whose taste was a little less obtrusive? Luckily, we can. Elemi essential oil exhibits strong expectorant properties and helps reduce congestion in the wind pipe, nasal tract, and the lungs, thereby making breathing easier (3).

3. Antiseptic:

Ancient Egyptians used Elemi as an embalming agent while mummifying corpses. Elemi is an effective antiseptic and also protects you from other microbial infections due to fungi, viruses, and parasites while treating sepsis and tetanus. Another advantage is that unlike other antiseptics, elemi stings less and smells better. So, the next time you suffer a cut while chopping vegetables, dab some elemi essential oil on the wound.

Not only does elemi help eliminate microbes from wounds, it is also good for preventing internal infections in different organs of the body like the urinary tract, urinary bladder, colon, intestines, kidney, and stomach.

4. Stimulant:

Apart from boosting blood circulation, stimulants perform a multitude of activities necessary for the body. A stimulant helps instigate hormonal secretions, aids digestion, controls bile discharge and many other bodily functions. Stimulants also induce neuron responses, and improve respiration, regulate blood flow and menses, and also help lactating moms (4).

 5. Tonic:

Think tonic and think an old-fashioned bottle with thick green syrup inside. However, a tonic is a substance that tones your body. As kids, you might have had parents feed you spoonfuls of tonics, which they claimed would help us keep diseases away. Tonics do just that. Apart from ensuring the smooth functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and endocrinal systems, tonics also help protect your body against infections and other complications (5).

6. Boosts Skin Health:

The innocuous Elemi essential oil has many health benefits and can be used to treat quite a few ailments. One significant benefit of the oil is that it boosts skin health. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties help quicken the recovery of cuts and bruises and boost new cell development. These properties make elemi essential oil great for improving your skin health (6).

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Elemi Essential Oil Uses

Apart from the uses we listed above, Elemi essential oil is a vital part of aromatherapy, and many chiropractors use the oil to relieve pain. For centuries, people used the oil in skin care.

So, tell us if you found the information helpful. Have you ever used Elemi essential oil? Tell us any stories, experiences or pointers you would like to share below. Leave a comment.

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