4 Amazing Benefits Of Duck Walk Exercise

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Have you ever heard of duck walk exercise when it comes to the strengthening of muscles? It is a strength training exercise that targets the muscles of buttocks and thighs. Though they are not common, they are quite effective just like lunges and squats. With a focus on thighs and glutes, this exercise firms them up by increasing the muscle mass. So what are you waiting for? Get ready and walk like a duck!

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How To Do Duck Walk Exercise?

To start off with duck walk exercise, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Stand firmly in position with your feet placed at a hip distance. Also keep your back straight and abs totally tightened up. Avoid slouching because it is necessary to avoid any injury in these areas.
  1. Now transfer your entire weight onto your feet and lower your body as if you are about to sit. Stop when your knees form a 90 degree angle. This will prevent them from any probable strain.
  1. Stretch out your arms on the outside. However, if you find it difficult to maintain balance in this position, you can clasp your hands tightly in the front. It will help you to do duck walks easily without losing your balance. This is the squat position.
  1. Now comes the hard part of this entire drill. You are required to move forward by keeping this position firm. Take a few steps forward and then return to your starting point. During this exercise, prefer to lean ahead to strike the right balance and concentrate your weight on the feet.
  1. Take at least 12 steps forward with each leg and keep on squeezing your leg and gluteal muscles while walking.
  1. Gradually increase the walking distance and the amount of time for this exercise. Also, between every set, take a break of 1 minute to hold your breath.

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Tips For Duck Walk Exercise:

While performing the duck walk exercise, you need to take a few points into consideration. They are as follows:

Push your lower body as low as possible for better results. Don’t drive yourself further using your arms. Although it reduces the level of harness, it also lessens its effectiveness.

If you are a beginner, you can take a more elevated position from the ground. You can squat lower when your flexibility level increases and you get accustomed to it.

This exercise may cause some knee problems. Hence, you should never do this if you suffer from any knee related issues.

To enhance its complexity, you can also try duck walk exercise with a resistance band on your ankles or wear a heavy vest.

Always try to do this exercise on a flat surface, either outside or inside your home.

Benefits Of Duck Walk Exercise:

If you think duck walk is all about a strenuous drill, then you are wrong. It’s not really so. From the famous guitarist Chuck Berry, to other contemporary rock bands, duck walk has been largely acknowledged by people. This tough exercise also has many benefits attached to it. Here are some Duck walk exercise benefits:

1. Promotes Ankle Strength:

It strengthens your ankle muscles. Duck walk specifically puts pressure on the ankle joints. It builds up the connective tissues around these joints, making them stronger.

2. Increases Stamina:

It has been proven to increase the stamina and immunity. By reducing the health problems and healing scar tissues in calf muscles, duck walk keeps you active and going for the entire day. Bending and moving will never seem so easy again!

3. Increases Flexibility Of Your Body:

This is an exercise that lays emphasis on enhancing the flexibility of your muscles. It augments the movement of hips and reduces back pain. You learn to strike the perfect balance and develop dexterity with this regimen.

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4. Beneficial During Pregnancy:

For pregnant women, it is an excellent exercise. By strengthening the thigh muscles, it helps reduce pain and strain during delivery.

Howsoever funny it may look, duck walk exercise is certainly beneficial for you. Whether you are looking forward to reduce fat or induce muscle mass, it always goes a long way in giving you what it has promised. To believe it, perform this cardio and notice the change. Also, share your experience in the comments section with us!

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