5 Amazing Benefits Of Buteyko Breathing For Leading A Healthy Life

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With the speedy depletion of natural resources and increasing pollution, the entire nature is suffering. Needless to say, all living beings are integral parts of the Mother Nature. So, all of us have to share the sufferings that Mother Nature is going through. As a result, there is a significant rise in the number of health problems, especially the problems related to breathing. You will find plenty of people around you suffering from various breathing problems, and the more common problem is asthma. In some countries, this pulmonary disease has taken the shape of an epidemic.

How To Fight This Alarming Health Condition?

There are many medicines and over-the-counter drugs available in the market, which are used for curing various breathing problems. Undoubtedly, they are effective. But, they don’t come alone. They come with a number of side effects like any other medicine. Isn’t there any safe and effective method of fighting these dreadful health conditions? Of course, there is, but not in the form of drugs. It is in the form of Buteyko breathing techniques. Read on to know more about these unique and effective breathing techniques.

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What Is Buteyko Breathing?

The Buteyko method is a form of complementary physical therapy, which advocates the use of various techniques for treating asthma and other health conditions like hyperventilation and increased respiratory rate. You might be wondering, why it is called “Buteyko”. What does it mean? Well, this physical therapy has derived its name from its creator, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. He was a Ukrainian doctor who formulated the principles of this breathing method. Although the theory behind this method was not widely accepted in the medical world initially due to the lack of proof, it has got worldwide exposure now.

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from any kind of breathing problems, you can go for this natural breath control method.

How Does This Theory Work?

This method is an array of simple and teachable techniques, which offer a safe, time-tested and natural cure for various breathing problems. According to scientific studies, bronchospasm (a sudden muscular constriction in the bronchioles’ wall) is caused due to insufficient COlevel in the lungs. Buteyko breathing methods help a patient to normalize this low CO2 level quickly. This leads to the relaxation of the walls of the bronchioles. As a result of this, the airways open up.

This technique is contrary to hyperventilation, as this method helps you to learn easy and relaxed breathing instead of over-breathing. You might find it counterintuitive, but when a person suffering from an asthma attack inhales lesser quantity of air, his or her asthma symptoms can gradually reduce. If practiced regularly, one can also bid adieu to asthma forever.

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Steps To Perform Buteyko Breathing:

You might notice variations in this techniques from one teacher to the other, or one country to the other, but at its core, Buteyko Breathing focuses on the normalization of the breath. The core principles of this method are — nasal breathing, reduced breathing exercise, and relaxation. Let’s take a look at the elaboration given below:

1. Nasal Breathing:

This is the main point of emphasis, when it comes to Buteyko method. Nasal breathing includes humidification, warming and cleansing of the inhaled air. These steps are quite important because they protect your airways. Most people who have asthma suffer more while sleeping. Some of the expected reasons behind this are improper sleeping posture and mouth-breathing (unconscious). However, if the asthmatics encourage nasal breathing all the day long, their night symptoms can also increase.

2. Reduced Breathing Exercises:

The main objective of this breathing method is to control your breath. It can be either your breathing rate or volume. There are a number of teachers, who refer to this technique as breathing retraining. Some also compare Buteyko Breathing techniques to learning how to ride a bicycle. That is because, once you are into practice, these breathing methods become instinctive and not forced.

3. Relaxation:

One of the other main considerations of Buteyko practice is tackling asthma attacks. The very first experience of an attack of asthma can be disturbing and taxing for your body, and can lead to rapid breathing. If one is able to control his or her over-breathing at the very beginning, he or she can get out of this vicious circle of asthma and hyperventilation. So, relaxation is the key.

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Benefits Of Buteyko Breathing Method:

You might have gauged the benefits of practicing Buteyko Breathing by now. However, to make things clearer, here are some pointers given below:

  1. Practicing these techniques is harmless because they are non-invasive. Also, you don’t have to undergo any kind of medication. However, make sure to perform these Buteyko breathing exercises as directed by a trained teacher.
  1. It does not make you pay a fortune. Once you have got proper training, you won’t have to rely on medicines. As far as getting the training is concerned, you can get it from a Buteyko specialist or by joining online classes. In fact, you can also buy the CD for learning the same. So, don’t you find it easy to learn?
  1. It helps you get rid of medicines. All you need to do is master this amazing healing technique. After that, you have to take less or no medicines at all. This also helps you in saving your money.
  1. This technique teaches you to control. Once you get to learn this practice properly, you can be relaxed even in chronic asthma attacks, rather than over-breathing. Also, you can move out of your home without your inhaler. So, get your freedom from medication.
  1. Practicing these techniques can not only help you to control over-breathing and fight the symptoms of asthma, but it is good for your overall health as well. These breathing techniques normalize the CO2 level in your lungs. It also influences your metabolic and immune system in a positive way.

These are some of the major benefits of the Buteyko Breathing method. In order to know more about the classes and online tutorials, you can search the internet. You will surely find some good references. Make sure to select a reliable one. After all, it’s related to your health, and you cannot take any kind of risk.

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