5 Benefits Of Beetroots (Chukandar) During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is the most amazing experience! There is so much to worry about and one of the most common of worries is the diet to be adopted. After all, these 9 months dictate the health of the baby in the future. Caution and care take over everything else. Here is suggestion that can add a great deal to your nutrition chart – beetroots! Yes, know why beetroot during pregnancy is safe

This reddish vegetable is full of nutritive powers that can bring about a lot of change in a women’s health during pregnancy. Many people have called the beetroot or “Chukandar” in Hindi a ‘super food’ because of its various health benefits. Is beetroot good for pregnancy? Well many dieticians, almost everywhere, advocate the inclusion of a certain amount of beetroot into the daily diet plan for pregnant women. During pregnancy, beetroot can be taken as a salad, or you can even bake it or boil it along with other green, leafy vegetables.

Benefits Of Beetroot During Pregnancy

Check out here some of the top benefits of eating beetroot in pregnancy.

1. Increases The Iron Content

Iron is highly essential for every woman at any point in time. But during pregnancy, it is even more essential. It helps enhance the hemoglobin content of the blood. Thus, a pregnant woman is advised to consume beetroot juice for increasing the iron content of the body. Drinking beetroot juice during pregnancy keeps a woman from developing anemia.

2. Contains Vitamin C

Beetroot also contains vitamin C. This vitamin helps the body absorb the iron present in the beetroot. If an expecting mother consumes this juice throughout her pregnancy, then she can surely give birth to a healthy and strong baby. But, it is also recommended that before doing so, one must consult their gynecologist and follow the instructions according to his/her advice.

3. Improves The Health Of Liver

A nutritious pigment known as the betacyanin is present in beetroot, which detoxifies the liver and the blood. Beetroot, hence, helps in removing the toxins from the body, which means the fatty acids will not get the chance to get deposited in the body. A healthy liver means the proper functioning of the digestive system, and also a fit and fine body during pregnancy. A large number of women tend to put on weight during pregnancy, so consuming a beetroot will suppress this tendency to a certain extent.

4. Contains Folic Acid

Proper fetal development is very important during this period and folic acid helps in this development. Beetroot, in the raw form, contains folic acid which is helpful in the growth of the fetus. It also helps in forming red blood cells.

5. Purification Of Blood During Pregnancy

This nutritious vegetable has the capability to purify blood. It also protects the child from the possible defects of birth.
Beetroot also increases the physical stamina of pregnant women to a great extent that is a bonus during delivery. It is also a package of carbohydrates, vitamins A and B, soluble fiber, and also protein. Last, but not the least, it helps in diminishing the blood pressure.

How To Consume Beetroot During Pregnancy?

  • Beetroot can be sliced and mixed with other vegetables. This can be eaten as a salad, which is a good option for pregnant women.
  • It can also be baked and served with other roasted vegetables.
  • Boiled beetroot can be served as a great healthy snack during pregnancy.

Did you eat beetroot during pregnancy? How did you include it in your diet? Share your experiences and recipes with other expecting mommies here.

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