10 Amazing Benefits Of Banana Oil For Your Skin And Hair

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We all know about bananas. They are great fruits with amazing health benefits. But have you heard of banana oil? If not, then it is time you get to know of it; because the benefits it offers are amazing too

Banana oil is an essential incorporation of various moisturizers, creams, hair masks and scents. It is ideally processed at factories. However, you can also make real banana oil using banana peels at home. Wondering how? Then reading this post should be the first thing you should do now!

10 Steps To Prepare Banana Oil At Home

It might be interesting for you to know that banana essential oil owes its name to its fruity and tempting banana fragrance. It is loaded with multiple hair revitalizing and skin conditioning benefits. Find out the amazing steps to make banana oil at home.

  1. Find out fresh banana peels and cut them into smaller pieces.
  1. Place the small banana peels in a plastic bag and beat the bag thoroughly.
  1. Beat until the peels become moist.
  1. Transfer the beaten pieces of banana peels into a glass jar.
  1. Fill the jar with almond oil (you can also use any other tropical oil of your choice).
  1. Place the glass jar in heat (sunshine) for few days (say 2). Ensure that the lid of the glass jar is air tight.
  1. Do not forget to grab the jar in every 2 hours to shake it.
  1. Find out fresh banana peels and repeat the process from step 1 to step 7 and transfer the scented oil to the first jar every time.
  1. Repeat the process till the time you feel that the smell of banana is strong enough.
  1. Filter the oil from the peels once you feel the scent of banana is strong enough to be detected.

The filtered oil is what you can name as homemade banana oil. It offers unmatched benefits to your hair and skin. Explore the amazing benefits and uses of banana oil with this exclusive grooming guide we have lined up for you.

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 Banana Oil Benefits For Skin

  1. Banana oil is a boon for dry and flaky skin. It deeply nourishes dry skin by restoring the normal PH level of the skin. It also repairs chapped skin and moisturizes the deeper skin layers too.
  1. Banana oil offers sun protection to the skin as well. It armours the skin against dullness, dryness and darkening caused due to sun exposure. It can also reverse the effects of sun damage alongside preventing them from happening.
  1. Banana oil is an amazing anti-ageing therapy against premature skin ageing. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. It tightens the skin cells and tissues by triggering the formation of collagen fibers in skin. This ensures that the skin becomes younger, radiant and supple once again.
  1. Banana oil tones the skin and makes it blemish-free too. Thus, you can flaunt an even complexion that is free of blemishes, age spots and pigmentation with the regular and controlled use of banana oil.
  1. Banana oil can also make you up to 2 shades fairer. It hampers the production of Eumelanin, the skin darkening enzyme. This makes your skin tone lighter than before.

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 Banana Oil Benefits For Hair

  1. Banana oil is also an effective hair smoothening remedy. It can be heated and applied to dry and weak hair.
  1. It offers deep conditioning to dry and dull hair by restoring the normal PH level of the scalp.
  1. Banana oil is an effective anti-dandruff remedy that keeps you free from dandruff. It reduces the scalp’s oiliness and also keeps a check on its dryness. In other words, it maintains the scalp’s health. In turn, the scalp gets rid of problems like acne and dandruff.
  1. Banana oil is also an amazing solution to make hair frizz-free and manageable. It offers lustre and volume to dull and thin hair. It protects hair cuticles and keratin against damage caused due to pollution and the sun.

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  1. Apparently, banana oil also helps in hair growth and fights against hair thinning and baldness. It makes the hair roots stronger. This also keeps a check on hair fall. Thus, it is an amazing solution for people suffering from the problem of excessive hair fall.

Do you relate to any of these amazing skin and hair benefits offered by banana oil? Which is the one favorite benefit that lures you to try banana oil once? Share with us!

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