10 Amazing Benefits Of Ab Doer Twist Exercises

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Are you tired of working out on different machines at the gym? Do you often feel frustrated to work on different machines to tone the different parts of your body? Sometimes, there are too many machines we workout on, that we get discouraged with working out altogether.

But what if there is one exercise machine that can tone our entire body? How great that would be, right? And if you are wondering if there is a machine like that, then you got to believe that there is one!

It is the Ab doer twist!

Does the ab doer twist really work? Ab doer twist is a modern and innovative exercising machine that focuses on overall body fitness. It makes and maintains the duodenal abs. It is a sitting machine that runs on dual concepts of aerobics and muscle toning.

Sounds stunning, doesn’t it? So do you want to know more about this kickass body-toning equipment? Then this post is a must-read for you!

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Basic Exercises On Ab Doer Twist Machine:

Ab doer twist is a perfect machine for beginners as well. As the name suggests, you can perform a number of twisting exercises on this machine. It grooms shoulder muscles, abs, thigh muscles and arms. Explore the amazing facts about the basic twisting exercises offered by Ab Doer twist.

  1. Ab doer twist offers the goodness of aerobics (1). You need to sit with a perfectly aligned and erect spine with your back touching the massage roller. Adjust the height of the machine according to your comfort. Keep your legs on the ground, stretched wide apart to offer best grip. Slowly move your hands in and out, while holding the handle with hands. Increase the rotations according to your comfort. Twist the center rod left and right while stretching the arms in and back. This is an Ab grooming way while sprucing the benefits of aerobics.
  2. Move your legs in and back while twisting the center rod of Ab doer twist. Adjust the massage roller exactly at the center of your upper back. Twist the handles left and right opposite to your legs. For example, when you move your hands to right, move your legs to left and vice-versa. This is an amazing way of toning the arm muscles, thigh muscles and Abs, all at the same time.
  3. After learning the basic exercises on Ab Doer twist, it is time to learn the proper procedure of rigorous workout on this wonder machine. Read on to explore the complete procedure of hardcore exercising on Ab Doer twist.
  1. Sit in a comfortable position on the machine and adapt yourself to a constant motion and pattern.
  1. Alter the height of the arm bars and bring them exactly above your shoulders.
  1. Begin the arm-twisting exercise and increase the motion gradually. Make sure that you gradually increase the frequency of the motion. This minimizes the chances of back and shoulder injury.
  1. Maintain the frequency of the motion as long as you feel comfortable doing it.
  1. Change the twisting from right to left and focus on your legs stretching.
  1. This is a continual process, and you need to maintain a specific rhythm. For example, one hand stretch followed by left and right twist of hands and legs. Repeat a specific pattern until you start feeling tired.
  1. Do not stop immediately when you start feeling the fatigue.
  1. Bring down the frequency gradually, just like you increased it.
  1. Slowdown the pace of rotation and slowly drop down the arm bars.
  1. Continue the exercises slowly until the arm bar reaches exactly at the center of your upper back, below your shoulders.
  1. Decrease the resistance that you increased (if you increased it) on the action dial.
  1. Rest your muscles and deeply breathe for few minutes.
  1. Stand up from the chair and walk slowly for five minutes.

This is an amazing sequential guide to a rigorous workout on Ab Doer twist. Still not convinced about bringing home this body toning and shaping machine? Read on more about its benefits then!

Benefits Of Ab Doer Twist:

  1. It tones down stiff back muscles and neck muscles. This gives a long term relief from muscular stiffness and pain.
  2. The massage roller offers the benefits of therapeutic massage. It de-stresses the complete backbone and keeps you safe from back pain, muscle breakdown or unwanted fatigue.
  3. It makes you slimmer. The slimness is overall and not localized to just belly and hands. It burns extra fat layers from legs, hips and buttocks. This gives you a perfect shape that you always desired for.

The amazing fat burning machine is a must-have for health conscious people. Ab Doer Twist comes with 3 DVDs to help you out. In the lapse of a proper exercising routine, your body tends to collect unhealthy fat. Unhealthy fat can lead to multiple diseases like blood pressure and heart attack. The Ab Doer Twist machine tones your muscles and improves the overall fitness of your body.

Are you now convinced of the benefits of exercising on this wonder machine? Are you an active user of this shaping machine already? Share with us by commenting in the box below!

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