10 Best Beaver Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Baby Beaver Picture to Color Coloring Sheet of Beaver climbing The Tree Beaver Enjoying His Meal Printable to Color Image of Beavers Gnawing Trees to Color Beaver Holding the Canada Flag to Color Eurasian Beaver Coloring Page to Print Kelloggs Beaver Pic to Color North American Beaver Coloring Page European Beaver Eating Coloring Sheet For Kids

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Do you want to teach your child geography in an interesting way? Are you searching for some beaver coloring pages to occupy your child during his spring break? If you said yes to these questions, then you should consider reading our post!

The beaver is a large, nocturnal and semi-aquatic rodent. It is the second-largest rodent in the world after the capybara. These rodents are renowned for building canals, dams, and lodges. There are only two species of beavers. But there exists a plethora of subspecies. We will learn about these subspecies through our beaver coloring sheets.

10 Cute Beaver Coloring Pages:

1. North American Beaver:

The North American Beaver is the only species of beaver native to North America. You can recognize the beaver by its broad and flat tail. It weighs around 65 pounds and measures up to 4 feet. The chief feature of the beaver is the form of the nasal bones of the skull. You will find these beavers throughout Idaho, wherever there are ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.

2. American Beaver:

The American beaver is a large and semi-aquatic rodent native to Canada and much of the United States. It is a reddish brown beaver with a flattened and scaly tail, which is also its fat storage area. The American beaver is one of the hardworking subspecies of beavers. You will always see him building water dams, lodges and other structures with wood.

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3. European Beaver:

Here is a European Beaver coloring page. The European Beaver is an endangered, aquatic mammal. The beaver resides in most of the Europe and northern Asia. It was once an important part of the fauna of the Caledonian Forest. But it is now widely hunted for its fur and castoreum. Castoreum is a secretion of its gland that has medicinal properties.

4. Beaver Enjoying His Meal:

Here is a coloring page of a beaver enjoying his meal. Beavers have a varied diet that includes woody vegetables like shrubs and tree branches in colder months and non-woody vegetation in warmer months. Some species of beavers like American and Eurasian beavers create caches of vegetation in the fall to consume during the winters.

5. Canada:

Here’s an animated beaver holding the Canadian flag. And he looks jubilant! Beavers are one of the symbols of Canada. Do you know how beaver became a symbol of Canada? For the European traders, the beaver pelt was the main mercantile attraction. Thus, the Beavers became a symbol of industry, making them a national symbol of Canada.

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6. Eurasian Beaver:

The coloring page shows a Eurasian beaver feeding her babies. The Eurasian Beaver is slightly smaller and lighter than the North American beaver. It has a dark brown coat and gray underfur that keep it warm in the cold wetland habitats. The Eurasian beaver inhabits the western European countries and the central Russia.

7. Beaver climbing The Tree:

The beaver coloring page shows the animal climbing the tree. Beavers are nocturnal animals. You will often spot them in twilight or late afternoon. Beavers live in colonies of adults and young beavers. They adapt to both wet and dry lands. Their close nostrils and ears, dense, fur coats, paddle tails and webbed hind feet help them swim in the water.

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8. Baby Beaver:

Here’s a coloring page of a baby beaver feeding on the grass. Have your child color this busy little rodent and the colony he lives in. Baby beavers are born in late spring. They leave the colony once they reach maturity- i.e. two years. After two years, the baby beavers form their own colonies and start their family.

9. Kellogg’s Beaver:

Here is a simple, Beaver color page for younger children. The Kellogg’s beaver is the only species of beaver native to the Americas. The beaver is endemic to North America and was later introduced to South America. The Kellogg’s Beaver prefers thriving in swamps and along the rivers and lakes.

10. Beavers Gnawing Trees:

This coloring page shows beavers gnawing trees. Beavers have sharp and ever-growing trees that they use to gnaw on bark and wood and cut the trees. They use the timber to build nests inside the ponds. If there is no pond nearby, they create one by building dams to block a stream. The moat keeps the coyotes, wolves, and other predators away. Eurasian beavers built small lodges and dams than the American beavers.

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We hope your little adventurer has a great time learning about these cute rodents. Share his work with the other mommies by commenting below.

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