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Which mother isn’t tempted to doll up and care for her little charmer? We are all very cautious and vigilant about things concerning our little ones. You must be wondering if there are beauty tips to be heeded here also? Well, the answer is a yes! These kids are growing up just like us, so they will need that extra care to keep that cherubic beauty.

Many of us don’t know some of the most essential things that have to be taken care of. One such fact is that your child’s behaviour takes baby steps in its moulding right from your days of pregnancy. The more positive attitude you pose, the better it is for him/her. This article is about to disgorge on you the most important beauty tips to be considered for both young boys and girls.

Essential Beauty Tips For Kids:

1. It all starts right from the beginning and right from what you eat. Because your beauty is also determined by the kind of food you consume. The same applies for your child as well. So, inculcate in them a habit of enjoying better and nutritious food like meat, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, rice etc. Don’t encourage junk foods and aerated beverages. But if you completely restrict them, they tend to break your hard rules, so to be on the safer side, allow it on an occasional basis. After all, old habits die hard!

2. Plenty of sleep is essential. It may seem tricky in putting your child to bed early, but if you allow them have their share of fun outdoors and engage them in indoor activities, they are sure to hit the hay on time. Napping is also essential for these little scientists, because it is when they sleep; their brain improves its cognitive performance, feeds onto memory power and boosts skin and beauty. Yes, there is a deep correlation between sleep and beauty, and ‘beauty sleep’ is surely not a myth!

3. For your kid’s hair, we suggest you to stay away from the chemical products. Go for mild range products of shampoo. Use olive oil, as it is really good for kid’s hair too. Provide them nutritious food like lettuce that will improve their hair’s texture. Combing on a regular basis every day will also help in a big way. Yes, olive oil for hair is one of the best homemade beauty tips for kids that you will ever find.

4. Skin is one of the most important and sensitive areas of your kid’s body to be taken extreme care of. Always say no to chemical soaps, only use mild and quality soaps. You can also consult a paediatric dermatologist for good soap suggestions. Again, messaging their body with olive oil before splishing and splashing in a bath tub really helps. Olive oil has long proven its benefits for skin, health and hair. This is one of the most advised and prominent of beauty tips for kids skin.

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5. Give your child plenty of time outdoors. Let them soak in the sun rays. Just don’t let them go out in between 12-4pm because that      is when the sun emits its harmful UV rays that can affect your child’s skin. Also, don’t forget her/his SPF and sun hat before leaving for outdoors.

6. Encourage them to take a shower every day, if possible twice a day. This will surely allow them to imbibe a healthy habit. A daily shower will help them keep energetic and active for the whole day.

7. Beauty doesn’t just pertain to skin and hair alone. Teeth count in too. In order to maintain their pearly white teeth, teach them to brush twice a day and that too in the right manner on a daily basis.

8. Always remember to choose a mild and good quality moisturizer for your child. Dab it on your little one after their bath. This way, it will percolate in to their skin pores in a much effective manner than otherwise.

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9. Don’t use colognes (baby products would be fine), perfumes and deodorants on your child as their skin is very sensitive to these products. It is advisable to keep them out of reach from your kids.

10. Wash their face at regular intervals in a way so that, your child can procure the benefits of water. Because water can do magic to your child’s face that usually talcum powder or lotion fail to do so.

Hope these beauty tips are effective for the beauty of your kids, as they address their beauty needs both internally and externally. Try to instil in them the good habits and remember your love makes them naturally beautiful.

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