Beauty Tips For Bride: 10 Before Marriage Prep Tips For That Glow

Beauty is skin deep indeed. There is nothing more beautiful than natural inner peace and happiness and it’s absolutely true that no amount of make-up can make your face radiate like your smile can. Yes, this one tops the list of beauty tips for bride before marriage. Alright, we all know this but do you really want to be flashing a bright red pimple with that smile? Especially on your own wedding day? No, no no! It’s an absolute nightmare.

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Before Marriage Prep Tips For That Glow

If you are a soon-to-be bride, I’m sure you are busy with all the things to do like shopping, planning and events. But hey, it’s time you start your beauty preparation for the D-day. And we’ve got beauty tips for bride, just for you. Firstly, know this, your health, skin and hair are assets that only heighten your beauty and complement your wedding attire and accessories. Even the best of make-up can look dull and drab if the very natural base – your skin – is unhealthy. You might be thinking of some make-up tricks but nothing can be better than a natural radiance and glow. And you don’t want to be painted all the time, head to toe, do you?

So, here are some essential beauty tips for bride before marriage that result in the natural beauty one desires and everyone admires.

1. Start ASAP!

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Start ASAP!

Number one on our list of beauty tips for bride before marriage is all about timing. Don’t wait for your wedding to be round the corner or one month away to start your beauty prep. Start as early as a year but definitely three months before the wedding. The skin and hair need time and constant efforts over a prolonged period of time to recover completely and regain their natural lustre and beauty. Start keeping away from direct sun, cover your hair and face when out in the sun or travelling through polluted areas. The earlier you start your wedding preparation and other things to do the better it is.

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2. Go Natural

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Go Natural

Keep this as your most important pointer on our list of beauty tips for bride. It’s always best to opt for natural remedies and products over chemical ones for best and long-lasting results. While chemical products may give results, they will only be on the surface. On the other hand, natural products and ingredients work from their way in to the surface. This results in complete care. and health.

3. Visit A Specialist

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Visit A Specialist

If you have specific skin or hair related problems you think need to be addressed, visit a specialist and perpare your treatment well in time. It’s one of the most sound beauty tips for bride before marriage since it’s always better to ask a pro. This is one of the things to do a few months out.

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4. Pampering Packages

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Pampering Packages

Most beauty parlours and salons offer pre-wedding beauty packages that include a list of treatments and therapies scheduled over a period of time. As part of our list of beauty tips for bride, we ask you to pamper yourself and indulge in these packages. Start your facials, body polishing, bleaching and hydrating treatments at least three months in advance. Ensure you go to a hygienic and reliable place where an expert is available.

5. Avoid Experimenting

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Avoid Experimenting

The closer you are to your marriage day, avoid experimenting with skin and hair products. Stick to products that you have used and you are sure work well for you. Also, a very serious point on our beauty tips for bride before marriage avoid new make-up products, three months in. Steer clear from skin reactions. Things to do include always doing a patch test before you use a product.

6. Cleaning, Toning, Moisturizing

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Cleaning, Toning, Moisturizing

Get into a habit of daily cleaning, toning and moisturizing before you hit the sack. This will not only benefit your marriage preparation but will be a health boon to your skin for years to come. Invest in a good day and night cream, sunscreen, toner and cleanser as recommended by a skin specialist.

7. Healthy Diet And Physical Exercise

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Healthy Diet And Physical Exercise

Some ‘beauty tips for bride’ may be life changing. This is one of them. What we eat has a direct result on our skin. Oily and junk food have an adverse affect on the skin. Prepare a healthy diet that includes a lot of greens and salads. Also, a regular physical workout improves the blood flow and circulation, also resulting in a healthy and radiating skin.

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8. Oiling And Massaging

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Oiling And Massaging

Regularly oil and massage your skin and scalp. This moisturizes and hydrates from within, resulting in glowing and radiant skin and hair. This will mean you have more hairstyle options available to you.But while following beauty tips for bride before marriage involving using oils, don’t try anything new too close to the wedding.

9. Scrub-A-Dub!

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - Scrub-A-Dub!

Scrubbing helps remove dead skin from even the most difficult parts of the body like elbows, knees and feet and is great for skin health. Salt scrubs are the perfect way to have an even tone, smooth elbows and knees. Scrubbing these areas twice a week, starting three months prior to the wedding, will result in excellent appearance.

10. A Good Sleep

Beauty Tips For Bride Before Marriage - A Good Sleep

An unhealthy sleep pattern also affects the quality of our hair and skin. Regularize your sleep schedule to avoid puffy and baggy eyes, dark circles and hair fall. You may be losing your sleep or packing in too much in a day; just stop and sleep!

On your wedding day, you will be the centre of attraction and you want to be a brilliant one at that, don’t you? Even the most beautiful clothes and best of make-up cannot conceal unhealthy skin and hair. If you really want to be a head turner, start investing time and effort to care for your skin and hair as soon as you can. The above list of things to do will ensure your ready for your big day. Pamper yourself ladies! Any more ‘must do’ beauty tips for brides-to-be?

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