Shilpa Shetty’s Makeup And Beauty Secrets Revealed

Get some inspiration from this Bollywood diva to get that flawless and gorgeous skin.

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Do you want to know how Shilpa Shetty maintains her youthful appearance and body tone? Do you want to learn Shilpa Shetty’s beauty secrets? Well! Shilpa Shetty has transcended the idea of aging by aging so elegantly! Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born a beauty. Shilpa Shetty says she wasn’t one of those lucky souls either. Her mother would say that she was an ugly duckling who grew into an elegant swan. In her growing years, she was a gangly tall young girl with volleyball bruises on her legs. She had to work very hard to be what she is today. Now isn’t this good news to us? How you ask? Well this means we all can look just as good as she does as long as we want it enough to keep working at it constantly!! She shares her secrets and tips with us.

Shilpa Shetty’s Make Up Tips

Shilpa Shetty’s beauty secrets include a basic rule which has always been less is more! Never ever will you find her looking cakey with layers and layers of makeup on her face! Here are her guidelines:

  • Accentuate just one feature. If, like me, you want to draw attention to your eyes keep your lipstick quite understated. If you have lovely, pouty lips, wear a darker gloss and keep your eyes subtle.
  • Eyelash curlers can open up your eyes and give them definition without the need for layers of mascara. Use false eyelashes for a more glamorous night-time look.
  • Never do your face in public. You distort your face to apply cosmetics and that is not an attractive look, which is why I applied mine away from the cameras in the Big Brother bathroom.

Shilpa Shetty’s Beauty Secrets

Show your skin the love and care it deserves and it will stay beautiful she believes. She says in an interview with Julie Mccaffrey and Fiona Cummins, ”Don’t overload your skin with fancy products. My mum, who is 57 and has amazing skin, says the more you use when you’re young, the worse it gets when you age.” Skin care tips she recommends and follows:

  • No matter how late I come home, I always remove my make-up. I mix pure coconut oil with olive oil/Johnson baby oil, smooth it over my skin and wipe it off with cotton wool. It’s naturally soothing to skin.
  • Try to sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day and never use soap on your face – it’s too harsh.
  • Try having your eyebrows threaded at a salon to avoid in-growing hairs.

Shilpa Shetty’s Hair Care Tips

Hair care secrets of shilpa shetty

Her standard advice you will find is keep it Natural! Curled, sprayed and whatever else you want to do your hair looks way too overdone.

  • She makes sure she shampoo’s every two days and changes shampoos frequently to avoid build up.
  • Blow drying her hair straight is her style. No heated straighteners for her!

The most striking tip that we can learn from Shilpa Shetty’s beauty secrets is to accentuate one feature of yourself. This truly makes you look flawless and natural. No wonder the famous actress always manages to look gorgeous and never drenched in makeup. Another tip that she follows is removing her makeup as she is done for the day no matter what. Now, this is really important to keep your skin healthy and happy. So go ahead and take your inspiration from her, follow the tips, and stay beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Shilpa Shetty so skinny?

Shilpa Shetty has an ectomorph body type (is naturally lean) and believes in a strict, balanced, healthy diet and a disciplined exercise regimen to maintain her weight and fitness.

Is Shilpa Shetty vegan?

No, she is a vegetarian. Shilpa Shetty adopted vegetarianism as a way to practice a sustainable lifestyle and give back to nature.

How did Shilpa Shetty lose weight after delivery?

Shilpa Shetty included core strengthening, functional, and conditional workout routines to lose her postpartum weight. In order to balance the protein and vegetables and fruits in her diet, she restricted her carbohydrate intake.

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