Top 10 Bridal Beauty Products Recommended By Experts - Because Wedding Pictures Last Forever

Bridal makeup is about looking the best version of yourself on your BIG day. It’s that simple and it’s evident when we look at one of the most celebrated brides in recent memory – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton, as the world has come to know her. But before we go any further into what good bridal makeup is all about, let’s just first examine the importance of makeup.

Ask any bride-to-be and she’ll tell you that bulletproof makeup ranks very high on her list of wishes and demands come wedding day. After all, wedding rituals are time consuming and the makeup has to last a good time. In short, brides want good makeup that lasts. So which products best fit the bill for such a description? We’re going to help you answer these important questions with the help of best makeup experts in India.

That said, here are 10 beauty products that every bride should carry (most are small enough to fit in her wedding clutch) so that she can touch up her makeup with and look impeccable throughout the course of the day and well into the night. After all, the photos are going to last forever.

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1. Lipstick – Lakme 9-5 Matte


Generally, the rule is that matte lipsticks photograph better than glossy lipsticks (your stylist or your own research might have revealed this already), so brides generally tend to go with a matte finish lipstick as their shade of choice. If your wedding dress belongs to the classic or old-school territory then a bright “Hollywood” red makes for a fine choice, otherwise the classic shades of peach or thereabouts are fantastic wedding colours, so to speak.

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TBB recommends: The Lakme 9-5 Matte. Super matte finish, non- drying, glides onto the lips and stays there a long time. Available in 38 shades, so you’re unlikely to be left wanting as well.


2. Lip Liner – MAC Lip Pencil


Touching up your lipstick to achieve the perfect full pout during the course of your wedding is one thing, but applying a lip liner gives your lips more definition and makes them fuller, whether you have thin lips or not. But you already knew that.

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TBB recommends: MAC Lip Pencil. We’re likely preaching to the choir when we talk about the MAC line of products, especially given that brides are likely to have gone through a whole range of products when choosing their wedding makeup, but MAC’s Lip Pencil remains a firm favorite, amongst brides and makeup artists everywhere, and with good reason.

3. Compact Powder – The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15


Powder is one of those things that isn’t as easy to touch up when it’s in loose form, but when it comes to pressed powder, the ease of application as well as the portability is unbeatable. Well, so is the result.

The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Minerals Compact has received rave reviews from industry experts and loyal users for as long it has been in the market. The powder isn’t cheap, by no means is it even in the mid-range for such a product considering the others available in the Indian market, but it sure justifies its price. And when the price of not having a lasting makeup is ‘not looking your best in wedding photos that last a lifetime (and beyond),’ then the product pays for itself several times over.

It lasts up to 10 hours, so it is perfect for brides. It doesn’t clog pores, is extremely easy to apply, comes in a large variety of shades for all skin tones and has a smooth, creamy and light texture. It covers blemishes expertly and evens out the skin tone making for the picture perfect look every time.

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4. Kohl – Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal & Lakme Eyeconic Brown Kajal


Kohl or kajal is one of the mainstays of any bride’s makeup, and if there’s one product that brides and makeup artists across the land are swearing by, then it’s the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal. Bangalore based Makeup expert Rekha Krishnamurthy is a fan, stating that “This is a heavy duty kajal & has good staying power, considering the Indian weddings go on for long hours.” She even goes on to add that “(It) gives a very intense colour pay off and stays put without smudging,” two of the most important details when it comes to brides everywhere.

Delhi based, Makeup maestro Tejasvini Chander swears by the Lakme Eyeconinc Brown Kajal which she calls “my go to eye pencil.” The kajal is known for its immaculate finish and smooth application, something Tejasvini can attest to. “It’s very creamy and glides on easily on to the lids without tugging them. It works as a perfect base colour for brown smokey eyes and is totally budge proof!”

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5. Bronzer – Maybelline Dream Bronzer


A light bit of contouring can do wonders, and who doesn’t love that special glow that only a bronzer can achieve? Well, there is no such thing as the Indian skin tone, but there is such a thing as the most beloved bronzer, and in our experience that could well be the Maybelline Dream Bronzer. The extra smooth texture and easy blending capabilities of this product make it a stand out option, and if you’re looking for a finish that looks the “healthiest,” then you can do much worse than to opt for this bronzer’s subtly warm and glowing finish.

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6. Eyebrow Pencil – NYX Eyebrow Pencil


Ask any makeup expert what colour eyebrow pencil suits Indians most and they’ll give you a coy “It’s all about skin tone and preference,” but push them a little further and they’ll answer “brown.”

Still, the colour is entirely up to you, and of course you’re going to do your research on the topic. When it comes to which product to use, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with the NYX Eyebrow Pencil that has superb pigmentation, has shimmer, blends easily because of its smoothness and can be used on the waterline also. And did we mention it is hard to smudge and long lasting as well? Indeed, it is.

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7. Mascara – Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara


When Maybelline advertises colossal volume, by no means is that just a marketing trick. Brides don’t need to look here and there if what they’re after are thick, voluminous lashes. Oh, and did we mention that the mascara is waterproof too? Forget tearing up, this mascara can handle a downpour. The wand has fine bristles that help you coat each and every lash evenly and the consistency of the mascara is just right, not too runny and not too thick. Just what you need.

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8. Eyeliner – Lakme Absolute Gel Eyeliner


“It comes in some brilliant jewel tones!” is Rekha’s take on the brilliant shades the Lakme Absolute Gel Eyeliner comes in and we have to concur! Very easy to use and with a long lasting colour, it also comes with a brush, which, according to Rekha, “gives great precision and colour payoff.” It can also double as an eyeshadow depending on the tone and mood of the wedding, and of course, your wedding dress, which can lead to some really excellent effects such as the smouldering smokey looks you can get with these. Highly recommended.

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9. Foundation – Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Creme


“The reason I love this is because it is super light gel formula which not only moisturizes the skin but also gives a very subtle glossy look which makes for a perfect canvas to apply makeup,” says Rekha who swears by this product. It’s not just her who is fond of this gentle moisturising gel creme. It remains one of Lakme’s most appreciated products in their Indian line-up.

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10. Blush – Lakme Absolute Baked Blush


Considered one of the essentials for any makeup artist serious about their craft (and hence, most of them), the Lakme Absolute Baked Blush is a firm favourite for Rekha, who says it is “a must-have in my kit,” and that “the blush is very lightweight and can be used across all skin tones.” Your tests may vary, of course, but the product comes highly recommended.

Pro tip: When testing out makeup, make sure to take a picture of yourself in natural (outdoors) light to get the clearest indication of what the makeup will look like in your wedding photos. Also, wearing a white coloured T-shirt when testing out makeup gives it a neutral base and helps you pick out just the kind of shades and effects that you want.


Images Source: Amazon, Google