Top 10 Beautiful White Henna Designs For You To Try In 2019

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When we talk about henna, the image that comes to mind is that of dark red-black colored designs on the palm. Traditionally, henna or mehndi gives a profuse red bloom to the hand. But change is in the air with white henna now rocking the fashion world. So, if you want to stand apart in a crowd and be a trendsetter, try white henna designs for your big day! White henna looks really beautiful and you can get it inked on any part of your body.

Top 10 White Henna Designs To Try In 2019

Here are the top 10 white henna tattoos. Pick your favorite and be the showstopper!

1. Design 1:

Look at this beautiful design made on the shoulders of the bride. This is a floral white henna design that is covering the major part of the shoulder. The design looks stunning. If you are planning to wear an off-shoulder dress, do go for this design.

2. Design 2:

beautiful white henna designs two
Image: Via pinterest

If you want to get white henna done on the back of your hands, then this design is just perfect. It has beautiful patterns and swirls within, which are decorated with red glitter. This makes the design very appealing.

3. Design 3:

beautiful white henna designs three
Image: Via pinterest

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Many pregnant women love to get henna inked on their belly. If you are also planning to get white henna on your belly, then here’s a beautiful design of a heart surrounded by flowers and petals. Perfect for a baby shower!

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4. Design 4:

beautiful white henna designs four
Image: Via pinterest

This is a very unique white henna design, which goes with heavy eye make-up. If you are the sort of beauty who loves to decorate her eyes, then you are definitely going to find this great. The white henna design is beautified by using a blue liner, misty-blue and pink eye-shadow to give a fairy like effect. Elegant yet dressy!

5. Design 5:

beautiful white henna designs five
Image: Via pinterest

White henna can make our legs look beautiful! Here’s a beautiful design for you that will cover the whole of your legs. It is an alluring design with swirls and whooshes, which adds class to your legs making them look amazingly sexy.

6. Design 6:

beautiful white henna designs six
Image: Via pinterest

Decorating the back of the hand is a craze with many. Here is an incredibly beautiful design, which can be sported on any festive occasion. If you don’t like dense designs, then the simplicity here should get your attention.

7. Design 7:

beautiful white henna designs seven
Image: Via pinterest

If you want to use white henna as a temporary tattoo to cover your finger, then this simple and sweet design is the one for you! The small sunflower like motif with blue stones on it is really adorable. You can choose the colour of the stone, according to the colour of the dress you are going to wear. See how you shine!

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8. Design 8:

beautiful white henna designs eight
Image: Via pinterest

Are you looking for a white henna design for your engagement day? Or maybe you are looking for a design with which you can flaunt your new ring, never mind how you have come to wear the ornament? Then have a look at this sober and beautiful floral design. With this design on, you can show-off your engagement, wedding or just that newly-bought ring.

9. Design 9:

beautiful white henna designs nine
Image: Via pinterest

Different women have different tastes! There are many women who love to use white henna for nail art. If you are one of them, then you will surely love this nail art made using white henna. You have to use black henna as a background to get this perfect white color.

10. Design10:

beautiful white henna designs ten
Image: Via pinterest

I have saved the best for the last! Here’s my favorite white henna design! If you really wish to try something new, then this design is meant for you. Just look at that beautiful necklace pattern, which makes the neck look amazing. Wear that great traditional dress along with this, and get ready to be admired.

I hope you loved learning about these white henna designs as much as I loved compiling them! So, what do you think about white henna? Which one is your favorite design? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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