11 Beautiful Options For Wedding Pew Decorations

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If you’re looking for ideas for some of the most beautiful wedding pew decorations around, then you’re in the right place. Listed below are – in our opinion – 11 unrivalled options for wedding pew decorations. These stunning ideas can be incorporated as is or can be modified to fit the particular aesthetic, sensibility and theme that you may have chosen to incorporate in your own beautiful wedding.

When it comes to sprucing up the benches that seat the congregation in church, there are literally a million options available, but here are 11 of our favourites:

1. The Assorted Arrangement

This gorgeous arrangement takes a classic decoration idea and executes it to perfection. A perfectly crafted bouquet of an assortment of flowers is an always fresh decoration idea, and the ribbon in the classic wedding white really completes the look.

2. On The Wild Side

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If you’re looking at something refreshingly different, a bunch of wild-flowers akin to the ones pictured above might just do the trick. The beautiful and minimalistic ribbon that ties the whole bunch together works a real treat, and keeps the focus on the gorgeous colours that are on offer – truly a worthwhile wedding pew decoration for any wedding.

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3. White Wedding Bows

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Weddings and bows seem to go hand in hand, especially when the bows in question are of a variety as gorgeous as the ones depicted above. In a gorgeous wedding white colour, these bows add a dimension and warmth similar to a gorgeous bouquet, all the while giving you something to work with that fits into an entirely different theme and aesthetic – something that isn’t possible except with the most specific of flowers.

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4. Pink & White Ribbons

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Pink and weddings are a match made in heaven, and these pink ribbons as wedding pew decorations are evidence of that very notion. The wedding white coupled with the pink ribbons and pink flowers works wonderfully well, and the monotony is disrupted by the dash of green that adds a very natural and welcome tone into the mix.

5. Ribbons In Church

Image: Shutterstock

For those looking for the cleanest option out there – that looks exceptionally beautiful to boot – you can’t really go wrong with these white ribbons. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple for the most elegant outcome, and these classic white ribbons can be paired with more extravagant and prodigal decorations elsewhere for the perfectly weighted and balanced look.

6. Classic Bows

Image: Shutterstock

If the style of bows themselves is a concern for you, and you’re looking for something exquisitely and explicitly traditional, you can’t go wrong with these traditional bows.

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7. A Romantic Bunch

Image: Shutterstock

Often, a thing is more than the sum of its parts – a notion that applies to this rather exquisite combination of flowers and lace that combines beautifully to produce a most charming wedding pew decoration that stays true to tradition as well.

8. An Assortment Of Blossoms

Image: Shutterstock

A bouquet of white roses and carnations might be just the splash of colour that you need to really make your wedding pew decoration stand out among some of the finest around. The green and white ribbons are a nice touch as well.

9. Rye Decoration

Image: Shutterstock

If flowers and bows aren’t quite your thing, you could look into achieving a beautifully rustic feel with this elegant and gorgeous arrangement of rye that adds a whole new dimension and appeal to your wedding pew decoration.

10. A Single Rose

Image: Shutterstock

Those who routinely work with design and decoration will tell you that often, simplicity is the best approach. And after looking at these gorgeous single rose arrangements, who can argue with that? Of course you’re not limited to yellow roses, or to roses at all for that matter.

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11. Flowers And Petals

Image: Shutterstock

Gorgeous floral arrangements hanging off the pews and rose petals strewn on the aisle, for a wholly beautiful, elegant and appealing look.

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