5 Video Tutorials For Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Your Hand

Sometimes seeing a mehndi design is just not enough. A step by step video tutorial is more helpful in drawing complex designs. Below are five video tutorials for beautiful mehndi designs for your hand that you will simply love to try. Practise it on your hand or a friend’s hand. They are all simple, elegant and just fun to draw.

1. A Bouquet Of Flowers

This tutorial is not at all difficult. The artist starts by drawing a beautiful sunflower just below the wrist, and slowly goes up to the fingers by adding more sunflowers, big leaves and little bulbs to the bouquet. You can wear this design for any traditional function at home or for a family get together at a relative’s place.

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2. Heart To Heart

The artist starts by drawing a heart in the middle of the palm. To make it look more appealing, you can point the bottom tip of the heart towards the wrist, and not to the sides. She fills in the heart with concentric circles and draws another heart with a bolder line outside the little one. She then draws petals on the outermost heart and decorates the two corners of the hearts with dotted spirals. Then she proceeds to draw the same design on the wrist followed by parallel lines on the fingers. These parallel lines stand between the mehendi walls that cover the tip of the fingers and concentric semi-circles that look like upside down archway from a distance. It is very easy to draw. And hearts just make girls think of love.

3. Shaded Sunflower Mehendi Design

Start by drawing a small flower in the centre of your palm. If you look closely, the artist has drawn closed spirals that look like pretty petals of the flower. Outline the spiral petals and drawn small petals outside it. This becomes the core of the sunflower. Gently draw the petals of the flower with bolder lines, and shade them with mehndi. For a more elaborate look, the artist has drawn dotted lines between the petals. This design takes less than ten minutes to draw, and looks very pretty.

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4. Flower & Paisley

This design reflects a vine of flowers and paisleys drawn alternately from the wrist up till the index finger. You can either draw a sunflower or a rose and add paisleys in between flowers, adorned by bold and beautiful spirals or long strokes of leaves. Don’t forget to shade the paisleys and the petals of the flowers. To make the hand look fuller, you can colour the tips of the fingers with mehndi too.

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5. Pretty Peacock

Don’t we love a pretty flower or a peacock design on our hands? But if you think drawing a peacock is really difficult, then you are so wrong. Start by drawing a chakra at the base of the thumb followed by a big paisley whose tips open into a small round bulb that becomes the head of the peacock. Draw a cone shaped beak and an almond shaped eye. Decorate half of the body of the peacock with fish scales, and the other half with checks. You can draw spirals for the crest of the peacock that look very regal and delicate. Feathers are the most alluring part of a peacock. Fill your palm with flower petals that open outside from the body of the peacock. Shade the feathers with mehndi and draw dotted petals on the fingers that look like peacock feathers. Once you have shaded all the feathers, make big bold dots for enhancing the look. Now you have a fuller hand with a beautiful dancing peacock resting in your palm.