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Ah, quotes on love – everything that can be said has probably already been said. No matter where you go, what religion you belong to, where you’re from, love is something that everyone wants. And no, I did not say that love is something everyone understands. We spend a great part of our days wondering what love is, and the other part of our days actually loving, but never truly understanding love.

To love is as important as to breathe, going by the amount of ink, paper and time that has been spent on thoughts about love. Love takes myriad forms and shapes and can happen in the blink of an eye. Love is also a great unifying force – whether you are rich or poor, black or white, man or woman or otherwise, straight or gay, almost everyone feels the need to love and be loved.

But to assume that romantic love is the only form that is real would be to miss out on the finer points on this thing we call love. Love can take many forms – it could be you helping out your friend with their work even if you don’t want to, it could mean smiling at a stranger on the bus who seems to be having a rough day, it could be just feeding a stray dog in your street. All of these little acts that we do everyday are part of love. Love is what makes this journey of life so sweet and memorable. All achievements, pride, jealousy fade away at the touch of love. You put yourself in another’s shoes and care very deeply about their happiness. This is what love does to us. It is not surprising that every true religious leader in the world, every book on spirituality, every sermon that is delivered extols love in all its forms. True spiritual growth has always been linked to the inherent capacity for love and compassion.

So, no matter what form you enjoy love in, we have collected for you some amazing love quotes that will make you think about the subject of love. So peruse them at your leisure and ponder upon the words that some great minds have conceived.

The Best Love Quotes


Well, we have all heard people say that love is blind. But what if it is the other way around? What if it is the heart that can truly see, but our head, mind, rationality and our eyes are the ones who are blind? How else can we explain that inexplicable connection you may have felt with someone? Why is it that when you fall for someone at first sight, you develop a sudden connection with that person, their moods, their habits, their hobbies? Sometimes your heart and your intuition can be the ones leading you to a better tomorrow, as shown in one of the most stunning love quotes ever.



Buddha needs no introduction. One of the greatest teachers that the world has ever seen and the source of some of the wisest quotes on love. For how often we fall in and out of love with others, very few people truly love themselves. If you cannot love yourself with all your flaws and the darkness within you, what love do you have to offer to the world? Love should be something that fills you up first, and then overflows to the rest of the world. Only then can you truly give. Everything else is just superficial attachment and selfishness.



The great modernist poet Rainer Maria Rilke, in his book Letters to A Young Poet ponders upon apparently conflicting notions of love and fear. Fear is always associated with darkness, and love with light. But light cannot exist without the darkness, just as love cannot exist without some degree of fear. What may seem like opposites are actually the very essence of each other. Rilke wants us to look into ourselves and identify those dark corners of our mind that we hide away. When illumined with love, what was once your weakness can become your new strength.



What does it mean to truly love? What defines true love? I guess there can be no one definition of it. What differentiates superficial attraction from love for you? Perhaps one answer to this question could be that true love is never about narcissism. To be with someone just because they make you feel good or worse, because they look good is not likely to fulfil you in the long run. (But no judgements here. Each to his own) So, today try to listen to what your significant other is trying to say. Really listen. Put aside all other thoughts and concerns, read their eyes, their body language, their smile. Read between the lines. You may find that you stumble upon many new insights that might take you by surprise.

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What if Romeo and Juliet had listened to their parents and never eloped? What if Paris never fell in love with Helen and decided to whisk her away with him? The course of history would have been different. This is precisely what the great author George RR Martin explains through the voice of Aemon Targaryan, one of the gentlest and wisest souls in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga. In the eternal tussle between the call of duty and the passion of love, it is usually love that wins. Tragedy is born when we choose passion over what society expects of us. But this is also what makes life sublime. In front of the heat of passion, all else becomes, in Martin’s words nothing but “wind and words”. Poetic words from not the likeliest source of love quotes!



Harry Potter is one of those epics that celebrate the triumph of good over evil and love over hate. Why should we pity the dead? For those who live their lives without love on earth are more pitiful than those who are dead. A life devoid of love is hollow and worse than death, and Voldemort is definitely a prime example.

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Love may be eternal, says this love quote, but people cannot remain the same. This is something that may be hard to accept at first, but it will be well worth it to try. To accept your significant other, no matter what changes they may go through is one of the signs of true love. To expect them to remain the same is stifling not only to the other person, but also for yourself. By doing so, you are effectively clipping off their wings and not allowing them to fly. When you look at your life as journey you both take together, these changes become but a part of the ride. Only this can make you truly happy together.

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Love needs no words. Perhaps that is why we often fixate on the eyes of our beloved. In those eyes, you are likely to get all the answers that you have been seeking. Ultimately, love is a force that cannot be tamed or understood with words. This is what makes it so sublime and just out of our grasp. So, do not judge your affection for someone by how much they talk to you.

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You cannot fully love a person if you are judging them. True, unconditional love demands that you put aside your ideas about right and wrong. Remember, what sounds right to you may sound wrong to others. If you live in the humility of this knowledge, you become a more accommodating, more understanding person. Then and only then will you be able to love someone else truly and deeply.


The inimitable Charles Dickens drops some real wisdom with this line. We would all do well to remember this from time to time. To communicate with your loved one is the beginning of a healthy relationship. If they matter to you, communicate to them.


Beautiful-Love-Quotes-11The astrophysicist Carl Sagan once again inspires us to look at the grand scale of things and caters to our sense of wonder. We will always meet someone who pushes all our wrong buttons and gets us riled up and irritated. But the key is not let this get to you. The key is to not detest them and their existence. Each one of us is as unique as unique can get. Accepting this can fill you up with more love, even if some person around you is irritating and obnoxious. Forgiveness is a form of love, after all.

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Imagine getting everything you ever wanted – fame, success, adulation, wealth, that race car red Ferrari. Now imagine having all that but not a single person to love. That just killed it a little bit, right? No matter how rich, strong or successful we are, to not have anybody to love is the true extent of poverty. Love makes everything seem better. It is like the salt in our food – it costs less, but the food tastes terrible without it. This is precisely what Oscar Wilde seeks to communicate through this short and sweet quote.



Nobody wants to be stuck in an unhappy marriage. The great German philosopher, Nietzsche here gets to the crux of what actually makes two people unhappy. In his view, it is the lack of friendship. This is why people always say that you are truly blessed if you are able to marry your best friend. Getting to that place of understanding and concern for each other individuals is what makes marriages successful.

Funny Quotes about Love

Well, if not love, it is definitely humour that makes the world go round. Now that you have had a taste of some love quotes that are earnest and sincere, explore a range of quotes about love and its mysterious workings that will make you want to laugh out loud.

14. Beautiful-Love-Quotes-14

From the work of the fiery and spirited author and feminist, Virginia Woolf comes a pithy saying that is as true as it is funny. You can wax eloquent about love all you want, but she cleverly reminds you of what is truly indispensable in our lives. So, in order to love well remember to eat well!

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Women have successfully earned the notorious distinction of being over-thinkers who do not communicate. You know what I’m talking about. When a woman says “Nothing” when you ask her what is wrong, you know something is up. But this is really all about reading the silence of your partner which can speak a thousand words or a smile that speaks ten thousand more.

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Poets and artists have spent a greater part of their lives explaining about the blindness of the human heart. But here is a witty saying that will make you question that. Indeed, one cannot help but wonder, why is lingerie so popular? Who can fathom the workings of the human heart – or something else?

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This is another funny and novel take on the old line that if you set what you love free, it will come back to you. Poking fun at the sexual and moral mores of our times, the author Chuck Palahniuk will definitely make you giggle at this hilarious line.

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Ah, peanut butter. Nothing takes the taste out of any food like unrequited love! And in the face of such sorrow, what can we do but laugh at our own helpless condition. This quote will help you do just that.

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The best way to articulate what you carry in your heart is perhaps not with a sonnet, a lyric ballad or even a quote. A kiss would express your true love much more intensely that the best poet could ever convey. So, communicate away!

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George Bernard Shaw was an author of great wit, and while charming quotes on love may not have been his forte, it must be conceded that whether you are a great dancer or a clumsy one, the fact remains that dancing is one of the greatest joys that life has on offer. Even when you are alone in your house and you shake a leg to your favourite tune, you’ll end up having fun. And when it is with someone you love, well – Shaw explains it better than I ever could!



For a writer, one of the most unthinkable ideas is that words can be superfluous. But even the best wordsmith in the world would admit that where there is scope for a tender kiss, words are not necessary. In fact, this may just be the one time that words are actually undesirable. So stop talking, start kissing.

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