25 Beautiful Love Anniversary Quotes For You

An anniversary is a celebration of love, a special day when you thank your partner for being there for you, for loving you and being a part of your life. It is a very special event and another reason to show how much you love and care for them. Make your anniversary special by sharing these memorable love quotes on your big day. Here are 25 of the most beautiful, personal, popular and well-written love anniversary quotes that you must share with your partner on your shared special day!


Love Anniversary Quotes

A funny love quote that tells your partner that you’ve always been in love with him or her, and there was never a reason to actually fall in love.


Love Anniversary Quotes 2 Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is a very popular African-American author, poet, actress, singer and even a dancer. This is one of the many beautiful quotes of hers that talks of how much you both love each other and how your hearts are perfect for each other.


love anniversary quotes for you-3

A dynamic quote on love and a relationship between two people. This quote talks of love as a feeling that is ever evolving and how it only gets better as the days go by. So it is an acknowledgement of how things have always been beautiful and a promise on how things will even get better as time passes. A beautiful love quote that is perfect as an anniversary message. A quote that your partner will agree to and appreciate for sure.


love anniversary quotes for you-4

One of the more poetic love anniversary quotes, this one keeps it short and sweet with a message of love that is surely going to make your partner smile! It is a simple anniversary love quote, one that you could use as a Whatsapp message as well.


Love Anniversary Quotes 5

A light hearted anniversary quote that is poetic and funny. A quote that will make your partner laugh and surely make them feel special. After all, you are calling them your love, heart, life and everything!


love anniversary quotes for you-6

A beautiful and timeless love quote that is perfect as an anniversary love message or in fact a promise to stay in love and to be there for him or her for eternity.


Love Anniversary Quotes 7

A simple quote that is a personal and a romantic one-liner. Something that you could pair with a sensual kiss or a never-ending hug.


Love Anniversary Quotes 8

A happy love quote that tells your partner that he or she is the best thing that happened to you in life. A love message that hopes to see your partner smile, every day.


love anniversary quotes for you-9

A simple one-liner that tells your love how special her or she is and how your love story is your favourite. A simple and straight from the heart love quote that is a perfect anniversary message. Share your love on your big day with this beautiful love quote.


Love Anniversary Quotes 10

An I love you quote for him that is a promise of everlasting love. A simple one-liner anniversary message that is warm and honest.


Love Anniversary Quotes 11

A love quote that talks of your journey as a couple, a quote that hopes for a future as beautiful as the past. You’ve began your journey as strangers and are the best of friends and partners now, may you stay blessed like this forever. A message of love and warm wishes for your anniversary.

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Love Anniversary Quotes 12 A. A Milne

Alan Alexander Milne is the famous English author who is known for his children’s stories centered around a certain hundred acre wood and a silly old bear named Winnie the Pooh. This is a beautiful love quote where you are telling your partner that you do not wish to have a life without them in tow. A quote that is perfect as an anniversary message of love.


Love Anniversary Quotes 13

A love quote for a couple in a long-distance relationship. A message that promises your partner that they will always be close to your heart. An anniversary message that is also a promise of ever-lasting love.


Love Anniversary Quotes 14

A youthful love quote that tells your partner that your love for him or her would forever stay young. A warm anniversary quote that is straight from the heart.


Love Anniversary Quotes 15

An anniversary quote that is beautiful and a mutual promise of love. Something your partner will acknowledge and appreciate.


Love Anniversary Quotes 16

An emotional love quote that is heart touching and as real as love can get. An anniversary message that will make your partner feel extra special!


love anniversary quotes for you-17

A message of love and a promise of happiness. The perfect anniversary love quote is here, share it and spread the joy of being together.


Love Anniversary Quotes 18

Haha! A quote from a girl for sure, or is it?. And mind you, he/she loves you more than the most precious metal in the world, so it definitely means something. A funny love quote that is sure to make your partner smile.


love anniversary quotes for you-19

A timeless love quote that is as fresh as flowers in a garden. A quote on love and how it has remained young and brand new though the years have passed.


Love Anniversary Quotes 20 - Robert Browning

A beautiful and personal love quote is one of the best anniversary quotes you could share with your partner. This quote is by the famous English poet and playwright Robert Browing.

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Love Anniversary Quotes 21 Steve Maraboli

This is a beautiful and heart touching love quote by Dr. Steve Maraboli, the world famous keynote speaker, author, scientist and academician. A quote that talks of eternal love and how important your partner is in your life. A quote that is full of love, hope and an ever-lasting promise of togetherness. A must-share anniversary quote with your partner.


love anniversary quotes for you-22

Kamila Shamsie is a Pakistani writer and the daughter of literary journalist and well-respected editor, Muneeza Shamsie. This quote of her is an excerpt from her work Broken Verses. A beautiful quote on love and relationships that is real and meaningful.


love anniversary quotes for you-23

Judith Rumelt is better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare. She is a well known American author who gained worldwide recognition with her series The Mortal Instruments. Clockwork Prince is the second novel from Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy. This is a beautiful quote on love that is an excerpt from her book Clockwork Prince.


love anniversary quotes for you-24

Wystan Hugh Auden is an English born American writer who is considered as one of the best writers of the 20th century. This is a quote of his that is real and pragmatic. A quote you must share with your partner on your anniversary if you feel it best describes your love.


Love Anniversary Quotes 25

Faraaz Kazi is an one of the most notable young Indian authors, who has made a name for himself through his best known work Truly Madly Deeply. A touching quote that expresses your infinite love for your partner. A must-share love quote with your partner on your anniversary.

Hope you liked our collection of love anniversary quotes. Let us know which ones you liked. We would love to hear from you. Happy anniversary!