18 Long Distance Love Quotes For Her To Make An Impression

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Any relationship takes time, effort and communication if it needs to be stable and successful. But when it comes to a long distance relationship, things can get a bit difficult. Some differences can often be resolved with something as simple as a warm hug but with a long distance relationship, one will surely miss the kisses, the cuddles, and the bear hugs. But don’t get disheartened. The fact that you and your beloved have opted to stay together in spite of that enormous distance between itself speaks volumes about the strength of your relationship.

While long distance relationships can be hard to maintain, this is the age of internet and instant messaging. Long distance love quotes for her can be a great way to bridge the distance between you and your lady-love. Thus to help you make a better expression of love we present to you a list of 18 long distance love quotes for her that are totally and absolutely mushy. Time to pour your heart out, aloud!


You guys met and it is destiny. Make your chosen lady feel like one in a million with this beautiful quote.


Your heart is where she resides – until you can hold her again!


You two may be apart for now, but you are never truly away.


This period of separation can lead to better things in the future, and a stronger bond. Let her know that through this quote.


Your lady love is never truly far from your heart. Tell her how much she affects you every day with this quote.


This would definitely make her think of the day she finally gets to be in your arms again.


You may be far removed from each other, but in your hearts, you are closer than ever!


Sometimes separation can really make you understand the very depths of your love for each other.

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If your love is true, then no distance can trump your passion.


Perhaps your lady is romantically inclined and would appreciate a line or two of verse. You may be no poet, but that never came in the way of true love, did it?


Bolster each other’s morale with this quote. You two are one more day closer to meeting!


There is a reason you two are together. You’ve chosen true love over convenience and there’s no harm in letting her know.


You know what they say. It’s not just the kiss – a lot of other things are sweeter too after a long wait!


A heartfelt sentiment she is sure to appreciate. And when it is penned by the likes of a great author like Murakami,the sentiment is even more touching.


You don’t need to be together all the time. But when you do finally meet, this quote is sure to set the sparks flying.


Let her know that your ready arms are always waiting for her, even if you are far from her today.

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Tell her how your passion will be further enflamed with this quote.


Yes, the equation is clear indeed.

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