10 Beautiful Inspirational Love Quotes For Her To Smile!

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Love is one of the most beautiful gifts man has received. Everything happens because of love. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise either! One of the most complicated and confusing, yet sweet and tender an emotion, love is in and around all of us. So if you were looking to reinforce the beauty of love in your life, then look no further. These ten amazing inspirational love quotes for her and it will for sure get your waterworks up and about in no time! So glance through and send these inspirational love quotes for her to feel like the lady love!!


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her

Love can truly push the boundaries of what you think is possible. Your soulmate will never tell you that you are incapable of something, or at the least, will not be your energy vampire when it comes to you seeking your passions. In love, you will know—not believe— that you can fly.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - J.K. Rowling

Love genuinely can overcome anything. I have been taught that time and again, and I confidently share this quote because of that. If your love is true, then categories like language, habits and practices, religion and caste, none of these really matters when your hearts are open with each other and open for sharing love.

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Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Angela N. Blount

Chivalry may be long gone, but there is more to the care of a man with good loving in him. You know what you have is true love if a man treats you with utmost care out of sheer admiration for you and the knowledge of how valuable you are to him, and not because he thinks you are dependent on him. You should distinguish the two, and remember that you deserve to be treated with the same respect and love as your significant other.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Steve Maraboli

‘I like how you look when you cringe after you sneeze’. Or ‘I love it when your head falls into the book you read when you are sleepy’ or even ‘I love the sound of your hiccup’. Someone who is truly in love with you notices and loves small things about you that you probably never observed about yourself, or were never told about by anybody else. In true love, you are left looking for new things that make you love the other more and more every day.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Lemony Snicket

Love has the power to transform. That is what Martin Luther King Jr. Believed in; that is what Mother Teresa believed. There can be a lot of mess, and fights, and crying, even in what you may consider a healthy relationship. But true love sticks through all the ruckus like a good parent puts up with the smell of the stinky diaper, because it is just worth it.

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Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Ray Bradbury

The author of the famous novel Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury may have just elucidated the cliché about love in the methodology of how good stories work. Love can be the only driving force for productive thinking and creativity. Even a bard needs a muse. Love what you do, do what you love. Love unconditionally to realise the full potential of what you really are.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Anonymous

Love doesn’t have a meaning until it is expressed, unless it is felt. Even with little gestures of love, people can make a big impact in your life. So don’t wait. Just celebrate the one who loves you.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - The Notebook

Your true soulmate will stir you and push you to greater heights by motivating you. True love will be like a flame in your heart that spreads joy to the people around you, and warmth and peace to one’s own mind. If you’ve found it all in one, you have found a keeper!


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - C.G. Jung

If you are an anxious person, who is constantly worried about change in life, this is a quote to reassure you about the changes that love can bring about. Change is an essential part of life, no doubt about that. If you have what is true love, it will transform you, whether you like it or not. All that matters is you are happy and you have a self you can still identify as yours. Everything else is just details.


Inspirational Love Quotes For Her - Mother Teresa

This is a great advice for anyone anywhere, actually. But especially in love, there is no judgement. You call the significant other on things that matter and let them know where they may be going wrong, you do not simply write them off based on what they did. In love, there is forgiveness. In love, there is patience. In love, there is happiness.

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