32 Engagement Photos That Are Totally Worth Recreating

You’re engaged and the whole world has to know! Engagement photos aren’t just taken to remember the memory of the engagement per se. In this day and age of social media, engagement photos hold testimony to not just your love but your creativity and your internet game too.

So here are 17 Insta-worthy engagement photos that you would so want to recreate!

1. Caught!

“If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” This engagement photos idea is right out of Beyonce’s song. What better caption can you find for this brilliant beach-themed engagement idea?

2. Marry Me…

Nothing compares to a girl’s expression of surprise/delight/shock/happiness/bewilderment/excitement/awe when she is being proposed to. And thus, a engagement photos idea like this one is bound to get you not just Facebook likes but also brownie points from her!

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3. Till Infinity And Beyond

A marriage is forever; it’s beyond infinity. This clever infinity symbol made by the engagement rings describes this notion perfectly. “To Infinity and Beyond”as the caption is bound to earn you extra kudos.

4. Goofy Pair

If you’re the kind who’s into cutesy things that will make people smile, then the finger faces engagement photos idea can help you win your ‘awwws’ . It’s simple, cost free, and so kawaii!

5. Love Games

Scrabble is the perfect game for lovers. I’m not kidding. Go onto the internet and you will realise just how many people scrabble has brought together. So if you’re one of those couples, then this engagement photos idea is for you!

6. I’m Engaged!

This picture is a must have, even if it is for your own engagement photos collection. You don’t get engaged everyday nor are you going to stay 25 forever. What is life without a little fun? Take some inspiration from this candid photo.

7. Pinky Promise

Marriage is a promise we make to be bound in love with them. Innit? Through the years, you’ll make many more promises and promise to uphold them. This engagement photos idea would not just bring out the promise that you make but also let you showcase your shiny new blings!

8. Lost In Love

When you grow old and you’re sitting on your electronic rocking chair and sipping on ultra vitamin for dinner, you’ll look over at the plasma mantelpiece hologram frame and see this picture in your engagement photos collection and realise that you’ve lived life right.

9. Bird’s Eye (note to publishing – take second pic)

It’s fall setting, the sun’s going down, beauty of the nature around and the couple holding hands… isn’t this perfect? It spells love, warmth and eternity. If you are getting engaged during the fall season, then you have to get engagement photos like this one clicked.

10. Pick-Pocketeer

A little cheeky engagement photo can go a long way when you recollect the memories. This one, where the couple are placing their hands in each other’s pockets, is a sure heart-warmer. Don’t you want to remember these tiny cute moments as you grow?

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11. Sands Of Time

This unique photo is perfectly themed if you’re a beach couple. This one will earn you some really snazzy Tumblr points. Just push your palms in the freshly wet sands and plant your rings in the groove made by your third finger.

12. Goofs

Vegas weddings aren’t always a drunk mistake! In fact, I would say that Vegas is a brilliant place to get hitched. So if you decide to get hitched in the Sin City, this would probably be a nice idea for your engagement photos.

13. Stringed Together

Now there are multiple engagement photos variations to this one. And that is the beauty of this concept – it’s completely customizable. You can add other words, change the message, or do anything with it! And you must admit, when you look at the out-of-focus couple looking at each other, you want it too.

14. On Board

Another alternative to announcing your engagement is writing it down on a blackboard. The social-media is crazy about chalkboards… it always has been. It’s a brilliant artsy way of announcing, if you were to ask me.

15. Disney Fairy Tale

This one is specially for all the Disney kids. If Disney has ruled over your childhood then I can bet you want it to be a part of your adult life too. Hence, this subtle Disney-themed engagement photos idea is something you can’t miss.

16. Two Parts

Even though a photo is said to be worth a 1000 words, sometimes that isn’t enough. So what do you do? You get two photos clicked! The one you see above is a beautiful idea to show off your love. You could go old school and frame it in a twin photo frame.

17. OMG Surprise!

This is one of those scripted photos that gets the message across effortlessly. Another one of those beach couple photos that will make people go ‘aww.’ Make sure you’re not being photobombed though.

18. The Dog & The Cozy Countryside

A beautiful set of engagement photos shot in the countryside. The natural setting and the equally natural candidness of the couple, together with their beautiful dogs in tow is the highlight of this set of pictures. If you’re a pet lover and have a couple of those four legged friends at home, you can definitely consider a similar outdoor engagement shoot.

19. A Romantic Moment

Engagement Photos - A Romantic Moment

Image: Sudeep Bhattacharya Photography

A simple, traditionally dressed couple enjoying a moment of togetherness. A naturally lit room with the gorgeous Indian couple standing at the doorway makes for a nice, romantic shot.

20. That Kiss

The first picture is a romantic moment of the couple captured beautifully as the bride-to-be sits on a railing while her man is standing with his arms holding her loosely as they share a long kiss. Shot in the evening at a farmhouse, this picture has all love and no drama. It’s just the couple, their bond and the kiss, a beautiful moment captured forever in a most memorable engagement photo. The second picture is all naughty and high on drama, with the bride-to-be blowing away colored hearts from a blackboard to the groom-to-be as he looks on lovingly. An engagement photos set that’s the perfect mix of love and fun!

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21. The Traditional

Engagement Photos - The Traditional

Image: Armour Affairs Photography

A beautiful pair of bride and groom photographs, dressed traditionally in pleasant off white and dullpink colored dresses. The groom-to-be looks uber cool with his bright orange wedding turban while the bride’s colorful umbrella adds to the appeal of the picture. Also works a s a great pre wedding photography idea. Engagement Photos - The Collage Of Love

22. The Sunrise Silhouette

A part silhouette picture of the romantic couple as they kiss longingly. Their faces are only seen in silhouette as the photograph is taken with the sun shining brightly right through. A lovely, natural picture that can be one of the (early morning) DIY engagement photos ideas for a love-filled shot.

23. The Reflection Of Love

An innovative click of a lovestruck couple kissing on the street. The twist here is that it is all captured casually through a reflection of the couple in water puddle on the road. An offbeat engagement photography idea that’ll make people go “wow”.

24. You And Me Shadows

Another innovative click that beautifully captures shadows of the couple on an exposed brick wall holding a symbol of & (and), that makes it look like “the bride & the groom”. An out of the box idea for a creative engagement photos shoot.

25. The Rain Of Love

Engagement Photos - The Rain Of Love

Image: Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography

A superb slow motion picture of a couple in the rain that looks like a scene straight out of your favorite Bollywood movie. With endearing expressions and a beautiful couple, this picture is raining love like no other!

26. The Candid Carry Me Around

Just like candid wedding photography, this engagement photo is a beautiful and candid shot of the couple enjoying themselves outdoors. Casually dressed, the guy is carrying the girl on his back as she is gesturing something while he responds with an excited grin. This picture is all about love and a couple “in their own world”.

27. The Beach

This shot is straight out of some fancy action spy movie – a beautiful climax where the hot spy and the stunning temptress meet and romantically kiss, full on style. The guy is dressed in a tuxedo while the girl is in a beautiful white gown, all wet and careless as they kiss at an exotic beach somewhere. A very fancy engagement photos shoot that’s sure to get you noticed.

28. The Cool Pool Bride

A super candid, super cool picture of the bride all dressed with the groom’s favourite aviators on, as he stretches to take them from her. Candid shots of the fun-loving couple just being together make for great engagement photos, who would have thought!

29. As Love Sparkles

A beautiful beach picture of the couple kissing with a few friends in the background, swirling sparkles to spell L-O-V-E! An innovative shoot that can be accomplished with a little help from friends and a slow motion capture camera – mark it in your books ladies!

30. The Journey Of Love

Engagement Photos - The Journey Of Love

Via: Source

A beautiful set of engagement photos of the couple as they holiday – with a yacht, a caravan and even a cycle at many beautiful locales. The photo is wonderful as it beautifully captures the love and the “happy-to-be-together” bonding of the couple as they hang out, adorably.

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31. The Romantics

Engagement Photos - The Romantics

Via: Source

A beautiful set of three pictures of a formally dresses couple at a cathedral. The picture shows varied beautiful emotions like love, happiness and all excitement that an engagement brings for the couple.

32. The Lovers’ Swing

Engagement Photos - The Lovers' Swing

Via: Source

A brilliant monochrome shot of the couple on a swing. The shot is even more appealing as the warmth and love on their faces is truly captured. My favorite on this list is the black and white photos that have a very different character of their own, and the shot being so simple and relatable adds to its appeal.

So what do you think of our list of super-awesome, quirky, bound-to-make-you-famous, engagement photos? Liked some?

Till then, keep loving!