10 Engagement Invitation SMS Creative Ideas In 2016

Deep down inside our hearts, we all believe in fairy tales. We secretly wish to find Prince Charming who will just sweep us off our feet. And when we find him, our whole world turns into a celestial land from our favourite prince and princess story — where we dream of talking to birds, singing to animals, smiling at the sun, and feeling our heart soar high up in the sky. That is love! And with all that love we send engagement invitation sms messages to our friends and family, inviting them to attend our engagement party. Have fun, take selfies, pose for the camera, and just treasure every moment of every single day.

To let you feel lost in your lovey-dovey world, we have made a list of 10 engagement invitation sms messages that you can quickly SMS to your friends and family, and let them know that you are all set to tie the knot!

1. Sparkling With Excitement

Engagement Invitation SMS - Sparkling With Excitement

Change it to first person, or leave it like this. Such a beautiful pictorial description in the SMS invitation that will leave the guests wanting to see the sparkles for themselves.

2. Be Our Guest

Engagement Invitation SMS - Be Our Guest

It is a fun and beautiful engagement invitation SMS from the bride to her friends, describing how her man popped the question, and how she said yes. Now after all that, they are getting engaged. And sweetly requesting their dear ones to come and attend it.

3. Love Is Here To Stay

Engagement Invitation SMS - Love Is Here To Stay

Falling in love is beautiful. And so should the engagement parties and the invitations! This simple engagement invitation SMS invitations says it all!

4. Merry And Magical

Engagement Invitation SMS - Merry And Magical

Another touching invitation SMS that tells your guests that it will be a night to celebrate the union of two souls. And everybody is invited to eat, drink and have fun.

5. A Proud Union

Engagement Invitation SMS - A Proud Union

Announce your engagement in style and celebrate the union of two souls.

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6. The Fairy Tale

Engagement Invitation SMS - The Fairy Tale

So true, and so romantic. Feels like an invitation right out from a fairytale. Just add the date, time and venue and you are all set.

7. To A Fabulous Future

Engagement Invitation SMS - To A Fabulous Future

After making memorable memories together, this couple decided to turn a new chapter in their lives and make many more new memories. And this SMS invitation sums it all up.

8. Do The Honours

Engagement Invitation SMS - Do The Honours

A very simple and beautiful engagement announcement that can either be used by the groom or the bride. It speaks of the love they share for one another, and how much they would love to see their dear ones attend one of the special days of their lives.

9. To New Beginnings

Engagement Invitation SMS - To New Beginnings

Doesn’t this sound like a cute dialogue from some Hollywood movie? Keep guessing!

10. Delighted Hearts

Engagement Invitation SMS - Delighted Hearts

How innocently the invite reflects the nervousness of the bride. But it also doesn’t hide all the excitement brewing in her heart. This is a very heart warming SMS invitation for family and friends.

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