7 Sumptuous Examples Of Bridal Mehendi By Falguni Rajpara

Falguni Rajpara is a celebrity mehendi artist from Mumbai. Her intricate designs and ornate embellishments on hands and feet are beyond praise. In fact, she encapsulates her approach succinctly in her tagline — ‘the first colour of your new life.’ She is very popular among women who follow the growing mehendi trend and love adorning their hands and feet with mehendi. We have short-listed seven wonderful examples of bridal mehendi by Falguni Rajpara for beautifully decorated hands and feet.

1. The Pretty Rose

The Pretty Rose

A blooming rose on the back of the hand, with concentric circles, extends up to mid-elbow with dainty, ornate paisley or kaju motifs. This example of bridal mehendi by Falguni Rajpara features decorated fingers with elaborately designed leaves on the knuckles. This leaves spaces between the blooming rose and the leafy motifs on the fingers, highlighting the intricacy of the design.

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2. The Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric Design

In this design, Falguni Rajpara chose to go asymmetric by drawing different smaller mehndi designs on both the hands. One of the designs reflects a net in a diamond frame, embellished with ornate spirals, small shaded petals, and strokes of bold leaves. The fingertips are covered in net with a pretty rose blooming below them. The hand has a shaded rose with vines of leaves and buds surrounding it. The fingers too reflect a similar design — a blooming rose and small vines of leaves.

3. The Ornate Floral Vine

Ornate Floral Vine

This designs reflects a celestial shower of pretty flowers. Three fingers reflect a bouquet of flowers free falling into a basket. The index finger and the thumb are adorned with vines of flowers and leaves that fall into another basket. And a beautiful bunch of flowers hang loose from the second basket. Falguni Rajpara made this design look very feminine, delicate and extremely gorgeous.

4. A Pride of Peacocks

Pride of Peacock

Image Courtesy: Falguni Rajpara

This one reflects a pride of peacocks dancing in the palace garden. Ornate designs of the ceiling, archaic black and white marble flooring, vertical lines to draw the balcony walls, little flowers and spirals fuse together to make the design look a little more dramatic. And yet the appeal is enhanced by making it look more elegant and opulent.

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5. The Bride & Groom By The Window

Bride & Groom

Image Courtesy: Falguni Rajpara

Perfect for the brides, this design reflects the bride and the groom sitting by the window of their chariot. It depicts the new journey of the bride. Mostly adorned with geometric patterns and peacock feathers, this design shows what the bride and groom view on their journey — a field of flowers, green patches of farmland, the setting sun beyond the tall forest, and the peacocks dancing for their happiness and new beginning. It is one of the magnificent and best designs of bridal mehendi by Falguni Rajpara.

6. Looking Through The Palace Window

Looking Through the Palace Window

Image Courtesy: Falguni Rajpara

This design reflects what one will see through the palace window from high above — waves in the ocean, peacocks dancing in an open field, beautiful window frames in the town, lush green trees in the garden, and rows of flowers growing along the road. By giving a full hand, Falguni Rajpara makes this design look very delicate and very picturesque.

7. The Dancing Bride & Groom

Dancing Bride & Groom

Image Courtesy: Falguni Rajpara

Covering the hands with dainty waves of intricate designs and the head shots of the bride and the groom, this design goes up to the elbow, and continues to get more elaborate on the arms. To symbolize the happiness the bride and the groom feel on this special day, Falguni Rajpara drew a dancing pair of bride and groom on the arms, and topped the design with dancing peacocks that symbolize happiness.

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These are some of the designs by the ever creative Falguni Rajpara who enthralls every woman with her dainty and intrinsic mehendi designs. Hope you liked them.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock