11 Beatles Baby Names Inspired By The Famous Music Band

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The Beatles, the legendary English rock group, was formed in Liverpool in 1960. Although the band broke up after a decade, their music lives on in the hearts of fans everywhere. Some even passed the fandom onto their kids the moment they were born. Wondering how? By giving them names inspired by the band!

From the characters in the ballads to the hit songs, the Beatles catalog features many potential names. So if you are planning to raise a rock star, then a Beatles inspired name would be perfect for your kid. Below is our list of most favorite The Beatles baby names. Have a look!

Beatles Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls:

1. Lucy:

The name Lucy is inspired by the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. John wrote this song when his son, Julian described a drawing he had made of Lucy O’Donnell, his friend, in the sky, with diamonds. The meaning of this classic name is ‘light’. Even Sean Penn’s Beatles-obsessed character in the film “I am Sam” called his daughter Lucy, after listening to this song.

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2. Julia:

John Lennon wrote the song Julia for his mother who died when he was just 17. John Lennon and his mother shared a turbulent relationship, yet she encouraged his love of music. She even bought him his first guitar.

3. Eleanor:

Eleanor is not a happy figure as she dies lonely at the end of the song. But the haunting song is definitely memorable. According to Paul, he drew the name from his “Help” movie co-star Eleanor Bron. In itself, Eleanor is a beautiful name. It has Greek origins and means ‘shining light’.

4. Lennon:

Lennon might be a family surname for some, but a majority of families in the United States opted for the name thinking of the legendary John Lennon. It entered the United States Top 1000 names for boys in 2008, but now stands at 918th spot.

5. Michelle:

The title Michelle does not refer to any particular woman. Rather, a French teacher came up with it after Paul asked him to think of a French name and the phrase that rhymed with it. Paul even sang the love ballad from ‘Rubber Soul’ for the First Lady Michelle Obama at White House in 2010. Michelle is a French name, meaning ‘Who is like God’.

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6. Prudence:

John dedicated his “Dear Prudence: from his album “The White Album” to Prudence Farrow, Mia Farrow’s sister while they were studying transcendental meditation in India. Prudence was spending so much time meditating in the room that John had to coax to “come out and play”. The song was John’s attempt to bring her back to the group. The meaning of Prudence is ‘intelligent’.

7. Rita:

Rita is the meter maid who towed away narrator’s heart in the song “Lovely Rita”. Apparently, a parking ticket in front of Abbey Road studios inspired McCartney to pen “Lovely Rita”. The name Rita has Spanish origins and means ‘pearl’.

8. Desmond:

Desmond is the male half of the pair Paul sang about on his track “Life Goes On”. Desmond also has another musical link. It is said that Paul was referring the Desmond Dekker, the reggae great in his song. The name Desmond originated as an Irish surname.

9. Jude:

Diehard Beatles lovers would be well aware of “Hey Jude”, the ballad Paul McCartney wrote to comfort himself during his parents’ divorce. He originally called the song “Hey Jules”, but later changed it to “Hey Jude”. The Latin name Jude means ‘praise’.

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10. Penny:

The name Penny is inspired by their song “Penny Lane”. Penny Lane is a street and a bus route in Liverpool and is in no way related to the Greek name Penelope. Penny was the last name of an 18th century Liverpool slave trader and merchant. The name Penny has an endearing innocence, not just because of the song, but also because of a character in Disney’s The Rescuers.

11. Maxwell:

The name Maxwell is inspired by the song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. The song is about a fictional murderer who uses a hammer to kill women. The song may not have the most amusing story, but make up for the male names that the Beatles songs are lacking. Maxwell is a Scottish name meaning ‘great stream”.

Would you use a Beatles inspired name for your child? Did we overlook any great Beatles names? Tell us by commenting below!

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