Badass Bride Rides Bullet To Own Wedding, Makes An Incredible Entry

Ayesha Upadhya, a computer science lecturer from Ahmedabad, made an incredible entry at her own wedding when she rode a classic motorcycle, a Royal Enfield Bullet, into her wedding hall.

Ayesha, a bike enthusiast, came up with the plan and received full support from her to-be husband, Canada based businessman Laukik Vyas.

What followed is best depicted by a video that shows Ayesha entering her marriage hall on the Bullet sporting dark sunglasses. The video has gone viral all over the internet.

She rode her first bike in class 9, a modest 100 cc two wheeler belonging to her father. She rides her 200 kg Bullet to and from the computer institute that she currently teaches at, and has embarked on several road tours of Goa and Rajasthan previously.

Ayesha is entirely mindful of the fact that she’ll have to give up her Bullet when her subsequent shift to Canada materializes, and that there are bigger and better bikes there, but she maintains that “Bullet is my first love.”