Most Eminent And Creative Baby Names Inspired By Artists

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“All children are artists,” said Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest painters of all time. “The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Artists are known for their natural ability to see beauty in everything. So, if you imagine your child sculpting a masterpiece or creating a work of art, take a glance at our artist-inspired name list. From the names of the old masters to the avant-garde, we’ve got everything here. Peep on!

Artistic Names For Baby Boys And Girls:

1. Artemisia:

Artistic Baby Names - Artemisia-Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi, the 15th-century Italian painter, was the first socially acceptable female painter and the first female artist allowed into the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. The name Artemisia is the Latin derivative of Greek name Artemis.

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2. Andy:

Artistic Baby Names - Andy-Warhol

The pop-culture sensibility and the bright paintings of the cultural icons earned Andy Warhol a spot as one of the 20th century’s most famous artists. Parents these days select the name with more confidence and it is steadily topping the popularity charts with every passing year. Or be bold and name your child Warhol, Andy’s last name. This is also a most popular artistic baby boy names.

3. Henri:

Artistic Baby Names - Henri1&2

There are two famous Henris in the art world- Henri Rousseau, the French painter of the Postimpressionist movement and Henri Matisse, a French artist who used vibrant colors. And the spelling Henri looks way cooler than the hackneyed Henry. Henri also sits pretty against other artist names likes Leonardo and Harper.

4. Charlotte:

Artistic Baby Names - Charlotte-Bronte

Best known for her novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte came from a family of artists. Her sisters Anne and Emily were also renowned novelists and poets. Charlotte also topped the list of the most popular artistic baby girl names in the year 2013.

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5. Claude:

Artistic Baby Names - Claude1&2

Painter Claude Monet and composer Claude Debussy do not just share this French name, but both were at the top of their artistic fields in the 19th century. You just have to ignore the fact that Claude means ‘lame.’

6. Jack:

Artistic Baby Names - Jack-Kerouac
Image: Photo by Tom Palumbo/CC BY-2.0

As one of the lead voices of the Beat generation, American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac epitomize the 50s cool. The name Jack consistently hovers around the top of the ‘most popular baby names’ list in Australia and America. So be prepared for your son to share it with a few others.

7. Vincent:

Artistic Baby Names - Vincent

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous namesakes of this classic name. The name is just as famous today as it was hundreds of years ago, not just with French, but with Italians and Americans too! Vincent sounds both down-to-earth and chic at the same time.

8. Annie:

Artistic Baby Names - Annie
Image: Photo by Albert Domasin/CC BY-2.0

Annie Leibovitz is a portrait photographer who began her career by taking pictures for the Rolling Stone magazine. Her famous works include the bedroom photographs of John Lennon and Yoko Ono and the image of a pregnant Demi Moore (Hollywood actress) on the cover of Vanity Fair.

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9. Sebastian:

Artistic Baby Names - Sebastian

Johann Sebastian Bach was the German musician and composer of the Baroque period. Sebastian was also the name of a crab in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and Shakespeare’s deuteragonist in “Twelfth Night”. We believe that this sophisticated name would be a great pick for music loving parents. Potential nicknames for Sebastian include Seb, Bash, and Bastian.

10. Aria:

Artistic Baby Names - Aria

The name Aria comes from the Opera. It’s a term used for an accompanied solo and means ‘air’ in Italian. This artist baby name is trending in pop culture too, with a character from the television show Pretty Little Liars’ giving it some well-deserved attention.

11. Cadence:

Artistic Baby Names - Cadence
Image: Photo by Hyacinth/CC BY-3.0

Cadence is the rhythmic flow in both music and poetry. The name rose to fame soon after the movie American Wedding was released. To us, Cadence feels like a musical twist on Constance or Candace. And it has proven to have great staying power too!

By selecting any of these artistic names, you can be sure that your son or daughter will have an artistic side, no matter how old he or she is. So which ones are you considering for your child? Tell us by commenting below!

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