Top 10 Aztec Tattoo Designs

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Body art is steadily gaining in popularity and tattoos are one of its most fashionable trends. Tattoos are created by injecting biologically compatible ink under the dermis layer of the skin. It is a permanent creation and the only method of removal is surgery, or another tattoo on top to cover it. While earlier tattoos were considered taboo, these days they are a popular fashion accessory that you can proudly wear on yourself. Apart from being just some art, tattoos are also a popular way of showing off one’s personality.

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Aztec Tattoo Designs

The Aztecs were the native tribe of Mexico. Characterised by their red skin and colourful attire, they were first discovered when Cortez landed on the shores of Mexico in the 1800s. They used to speak the Nahuatl language. The word “Aztec” in their language meant those native from Aztan, an imaginary mythological place imagined as the birthplace of all the Aztecs.

Here are some interesting Aztec Tattoos

1. Aztec Chief with Unconscious Woman Tattoo Design:

Most Aztec tattoos are in black and white, as these are the traditional colours that dominate Aztec art. This tattoo has a circular disk-like perimeter, inside which is subscribed an Aztec image. The image is that of an Aztec chief, bare-bodied and powerful. He is sitting on his haunches with a feathered traditional headdress and carries a weapon in his left hand. The right hand holds a naked woman whom he has flung over his shoulder. The woman appears to be unconscious or asleep.

2. Aztec Wing Tattoo Design:

Aztec Wing Tattoo Design
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is in bold black ink and is symbolic in nature. The Aztecs have always had a fondness for birds and flight. Their chief hunting activity involved bird-killing. They would collect the feathers of these dead birds and use them for their headdresses. This tattoo shows a series of bold black strokes that form a wing. It stands as a symbol for the importance of flight in their culture.

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3. Aztec Feather Tattoo Design:

Aztec Feather Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This is the most colourful tattoo among all showcased here. Feathers have been an integral part of the Aztec culture. The iconic headdresses that are generally associated with Aztec chiefs are created by plucking the colourful feathers of dead birds and arranging them on the headdress. This tattoo shows the designs of three different kinds of feathers, which are traditional to the Aztec culture.

4. Jaguar Aztec Outline Tattoo Design:

Jaguar Aztec Outline Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The jaguar is a symbol of power and majesty. The strength of a jaguar is unmatched, so it should come as no surprise that it has been adapted into an Aztec design. This tattoo shows the outline of the jaguar with the body filled in with bold strokes of Aztec prints. The tattoo is in black ink and suitable for the chest or back.

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5. Aztec necklace Design Tattoo:

Aztec necklace Design Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The Aztecs were very fond of jewelry. So much so that they even had a mythical city of gold called Eldorado which many explorers tried to find. This tattoo is in black with pale beige shading. It extends all over the neck and chest much like the traditional neckpieces worn by the Aztecs. The design is geometric with distinct and bold outlines. Black shading is done at the edges.

6. Aztec Arrow Tattoo Design:

Aztec Arrow Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is relatively simple. Hunting was the major activity that the Aztecs engaged in, whether for sport or for a living. They had customized arrows which were famous for their swiftness and flexibility. This tattoo shows the skeletal outline of an Aztec arrow with designs at the tail of the arrow.

7. Hummungbird Aztec tattoo Design:

Hummungbird Aztec tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The Aztecs, despite their hunting habits, revered birds and one of their favorite birds was the hummingbird, chosen for its quick nature and vibrant hues. This tattoo shows a hummingbird mid-flight with wings outstretched, hovering near a branch. The body of the bird is filled with colorful bold strokes to make it attractive.

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8. Day of the Dead Aztec tattoo Design:

Dead Aztec tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

The Aztecs believed in death and afterlife, and this tattoo stands for the Day of the Dead. Etched in black ink, it is suitable for the forearm. It shows the skull of a dead Aztec chief wearing a headdress.

9. Aztec Wristband Tattoo Design:

Aztec Wristband Tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Aztec prints are known for their bold outlines. This wristband is designed using the same geometry and bold use of ink. It is in black ink.

10. Minimalist Aztec Chief tattoo Design:

Minimalist Aztec Chief tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is in black and shows the minimalist outline of an Aztec chief. It is unique and shows the chief wearing a headdress, which extends into two threads below. The face is indistinct and the eyes are closed.

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Hope this article was quite interesting. So, which of these aztec tattoos would you like to sport on yourselves. Share with us!

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