Ayesha Takia Marriage – When The Complan Girl Said YES To A Lok Sabha Candidate

Ayesha Takia Marriage - Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia charmed the audience with her vivacious on-screen persona and dainty smile in the year 2004 with her debut Bollywood film Taarzan: The Wonder Car. In spite of being active in the industry, Ayesha Takia’s marriage was a pretty low key affair. Many knew she had married a certain Farhan Azmi but were surprised when it was learnt that he was the son of MLA Abu Azmi. So how did the Gujarati beauty happen to meet Farhan? Let’s take a look.

The Complan Girl

Did you know that Ayesha started her career as a child model? She appeared in a few commercials but the most popular one was that of the health drink Complan. Yes the one with the line ‘I am a Complan boy, I am a Complan girl’. Guess most would have seen this commercial but little would they have fathomed that it is Ayesha Takia there. Any guesses about who the ‘Complan boy’ is? Well, you would be surprised to know that it is none other than Shahid Kapoor! Here is the commercial to refresh your memory.

After her stint in commercials, she appeared in several music videos and that’s how she got noticed by Bollywood. She soon got her big break in 2004, and has appeared in several movies since then. The most notable performance in her career has to be in the 2006 film Dor, which won her several awards.

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Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia With Her Mom

Ayesha Takia with her mother.

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Ayesha’s First Crush – Siddharth Koirala

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia And Siddharth Koirala

Ayesha had always been very tight-lipped about her love life, so hunting down the prospects for a long awaited Ayesha Takia’s marriage was quite the ordeal. But it seems her first beau was none other than actress Manisha Koirala’s brother Siddharth Koirala. It is not known when and where they met but it is quite certain they met much before Ayesha made her debut in films in 2004. In an interview, when she was quizzed about her kiss with her co-actor in Taarzan: The Wonder Car Vatsal Seth, she retorted back that she was in relationship with Siddharth during the making of the film. For this reason, she added that there was no chance of developing any feelings for Vatsal Seth. At the end of the interview though she went on to say that she and Siddharth are no longer together, and have parted ways. She shared that they had broken earlier as well but had patched up again, but this time their differences had widened the rift way too far. She declined to comment about the length of their relationship but we guess they were together for about two or three years; not long enough to spark any rumours of Ayesha Takia’s marriage to Siddharth.

It is said that in spite of their breakup in 2004, Ayesha and Siddharth remained friends, and in fact even Farhan met Siddharth. Farhan shared this tid-bit in an interview when he and Ayesha had started seeing each other.

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A Rumoured Short Fling With Ashmit Patel

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia And Ashmit Patel

Guess Ayesha had developed a penchant for dating the not-so-successful brothers of popular Bollywood actresses. After the end of her relationship with Siddharth Koirala, she took a break for a few months and went straight into the arms of Ashmit Patel, actress Amisha Patel’s brother. It wasn’t big news, and it is not known what drove her to have a fling with Ashmit. Their affair is least documented, and even Ashmit and Ayesha have never spoken about it. Most probable reason could be that Ashmit was playing a dual card, dating Ayesha and Riya Sen at the same time. When the certain video of Ashmit and Riya surfaced in 2005, Ayesha quickly distanced herself from Ashmit. Unlike her relationship with Siddharth, Ayesha has always declined giving any comments on her short-lived affair with Ashmit.

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When She Fell For Farhan

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia And Farhan Azmi

Farhan and Ayesha’s fathers have been long time friends, and therefore it is quite likely that they both knew each other since their younger days. Their romantic relationship though commenced in 2005, when Ayesha started frequenting Farhan’s restaurant in suburban Mumbai. From late 2005 onwards, they started making public appearances together, and it was clear from their warm rapport that they were more than just friends.This attracted gossip hungry media tabloids, and many of them swarmed the couple for interviews. Ayesha maintained silence about it though she acknowledged being spotted with Farhan.

Farhan was more candid about things and in an interview sometime in mid 2005 spilled the beans that they were indeed together. In fact, Farhan even acknowledged knowing about Ayesha’s past relationship with Siddharth Koirala and stressed that it would do little to make him stop liking Ayesha.

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia And Farhan Azmi Instagram Pics

Thus, things were clear about the equation between these two lovebirds, and now everyone was waiting for Ayesha Takia’s marriage to Hotelier/Lok Sabha candidate from Mumbai’s North Central constituency Farhan Azmi.

All Smiles! Ayesha Takia’s Marriage To Farhan Azmi

The couple dated each other for three years and finally decided to tie the knot by the end of 2008. Since their respective families were old family friends, it is quite likely they would have approved of their relationship with little resistance. December 2008 was finalized for Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s marriage but unfortunately due to the November 2008’s Mumbai terrorist attacks the coupled shelved the plans of getting married for some time. Eventually, it was decided that they would get married on 1st March 2009.

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia With Farhan Azmi At Their Wedding Reception And Inset At Their Wedding

Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s marriage was held as per Islamic customs, and on the wedding day Ayesha wore a golden sharara with a matching dupatta. Farhan was seen wearing a beautiful white sherwani with a white pyjama. It was a star-studded event with various celebrities in attendance.

The wedding reception was held some days later at Brabourne stadium, which was also a gala event. Ayesha wore an off white sharara while Farhan was decked in a bright blue sherwani and black pyjama. They looked really dapper and cute together. They knew each other since childhood, had compatible traits and also had the approval of respective families. It was surely like a match made in heaven.

Mikail Ki Entry

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Farhan Azmi With Their Son Mikail

On 6th December 2013, the couple was blessed with a son and they named him Mikail. Ayesha has taken a hiatus from her acting career to focus on family and other business interests. Teaming up with her restaurateur husband, she started a cafe in Mumbai and a boutique hotel in Goa. In an interview in January 2016, she shared that she now has the time and energy to make a comeback. She added that she looks forward to ‘feeling the moment between “action and cut”.’

Her fans have been anticipating her comeback for a long time. While there is no news of any movie that she is part of, it is quite likely she will return to the show business once her son grows up.

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Let’s hope she does make a return. In the meanwhile, it looks like Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia’s marriage will retain its sensibility and strength. We wish this cute family the very best! We leave you with this cute image Ayesha with her son Mikail.

Ayesha Takia's Marriage - Ayesha Takia With Their Son Mikail

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