6 Awkward Wedding Poses We Need To Do Away With ASAP!

The other day, I found my mom going through her wedding album (for the 1001th time) and I realised I was sick and tired of wedding albums! If you’re an Indian kid, chances are you’ve seen wedding albums a hundred times at least. I have been through this too! But then I realised that the reason I prefer not to look at wedding albums any more is not because I’ve seen the album a hundred times. The actual reason is that no matter whose wedding album it is that I’m looking at, it has the same damn poses! No novelty here except for maybe three photos where the photographer wanted to live his dream of being more that a wedding photographer.

So here’s my list of Indian wedding album poses that we need to be done away with ASAP.

1. The Shy Wala Pose


This one! OMG its been so overdone, I can’t even grasp the concept of this. Sure, when your grandparents got married without even having seen each other’s faces till they ended up in the mandap, then your grandma shying away in the photo makes sense. But in the age where you’ve been coochi-cooing and canoodling since a long long time before the marriage, this photo makes absolutely no sense!

2. Vikram Betaal


You know this one. This was a photo hack for your great grand aunt for when things were awkward and people their photos clicked only on three occasions – birth, death and marriage! This was to help those poor souls to save face. But in this selfie age, no one is camera shy, hence, can we please get creative?!

3. Inappropriate Sanskar


This one is hilarious. It’s like the photographers are getting more and more friskier with the change of generation. While this isn’t the worse picture pose on the list, it definitely isn’t the best in your album.

4. Titanics!


I really hope the couple have seen the movie before posing. I mean, you’re recreating poses from a movie where the guy dies and the girl lives alone for years. And you are trying that pose on your wedding! Duh!

5. Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha!


This one has been a mystery to me. I can’t think of any reason as to why the bride has to be lifted up. In fact, do you see anyone being lifted up any other day? I get it, the groom is very excited, agreed! But otherwise, the photographers force the already tired brides and grooms to try to achieve perfection with this photo.

6. Back To Back


What is this? Indian version of Mr and Mrs Smith? I’d call you a liar if you tell me you haven’t seen it literally in every wedding photo album. I cannot understand why the couples would even hire the photographer if these generic pictures are all that end up populating the wedding album.

But of course this is my opinion. If you think there are other poses that need to be done away with or if have a very strong reason why you feel these should stay, let me know!

Till then, happy clicking!

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