7 Nifty Wedding Jewellery Shopping Tips For Budget-Savvy Brides

When it comes to most Indians’ wedding budgets, jewellery expenses usually take up the lion’s share of the allotted funds! After all, that precious metal does not come cheap, and gold prices have all but sky-rocketed in the past decade.

It thus becomes a fact that you must spend an ample amount of money to get the finest bridal jewellery – to have you looking resplendent on your big day. However, despite the price rise and your need for gorgeous jewellery, there are always ways to save some money.

In that spirit, we bring you 7 awesomely cool wedding shopping tips for the budget-savvy bride! Let’s take a look:

1. Use Family Jewellery


This is the ideal first step for the budget-savvy bride. Check out that wonderful ensemble belonging to your mother, or borrow ornaments from your sister. No one is going to know that you’re wearing borrowed jewellery, and you’re going to look resplendent either way. Also wearing your mother’s or even grandmother’s jewellery is a matter of pride, since you aren’t sporting just any jewellery, but a precious family heirloom.

2. Select Versatile Jewellery


Today’s jewellers are well-acquainted with the design expectations of the modern bride. Keep an eye out for designs which will serve a purpose beyond “just” the wedding. This means looking out for jewellery that is designed in such a way that it works great not only for the wedding, but also other social events and parties.

While this does not save you tons of money immediately, it definitely lets you get a significantly better value for money since you can reuse the jewellery for other occasions in life, thus making it a valuable, sensible and money-saving investment.

3. Have A Budget And Stick To It


After your research about the various kinds of multi-purposed jewellery, start working on your calculations for the budget. Keep in mind prices and your requirements, and arrive at a real-world figure. Once you do, remember to stick to it, no matter what! You may feel a bit tempted to bump your budget when you come across that oh-so-special piece, but that doesn’t make you a budget-savvy bride! Avoid future resentment and stick to a budget.

4. Rented/Used Jewellery


There are full-fledged businesses that cater to budget-savvy brides by letting them rent their wedding jewellery. If you like the idea, you can look up businesses in your area of which we’re sure there will be quite a few.

Another trend that is gaining traction is that of buying used or second-hand jewellery. In case you are wary of sharing jewellery (and the associated hygiene risks), there are always over-the-shelf jewellery cleaners that you can make use of.

5. Gold-Plated Jewellery


Your jewellery will the centre of attention only on your wedding day. After that, it is going to be an accessory that you wear only on special occasions. Gold-plated jewellery can be a great option since it looks like solid gold, but comes for half the price.

A good gold plating can last for years if maintained properly, and no one is going to know that beneath that gold is silver or an alloy metal. Sometimes, all that glitters is not gold!

6. Ditch Gold & Go For Other Metals


In case there is no compulsion or norm to wear only gold jewellery, opt for silver or artificial jewellery. This will help you save a lot of money, money that you can perhaps allocate to your trousseau.

7. Substitute Diamonds With Pearls


Diamonds are undoubtedly expensive and pearls can give you the same lush look at a fraction of the price. There is a significant variety in pearls, and the higher end ones can look simply dazzling, and yet cost less than diamonds. You can mix variants to give yourself an even more ornate look.

There you have it. Our 7 amazing wedding jewellery tips for the budget-savvy bride. Do you agree with them? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment, and share this article with anyone you know who is getting married!

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