Wedding Return Gifts: 15 Ideas & Items That Are Actually Useful

Written by Tejaswi Bhagavatula

The festivities of your wedding are just about wrapping up, it has been an altogether awesome ride, and a large part of that has been your friends and family, whose impeccably dressed, wholesome and warm presence has made your big day better. Giving them wedding return gifts is a small, yet significant token of appreciation and a way to thank them for their presence and participation in young wedding celebrations. Here’s a list of 15 interesting gifts for friends and family who’ve made your party brighter and better.

1. Colourful Succulent Plants As Wedding Return Gifts

Carefully selected succulent plants in exotic colors packaged in handmade pots would be a very chic “go green” wedding return gifts for the guests.

2. Custom Bride & Groom Cupcakes

This wedding season, customize to personalize. These specially made bride & groom cup cakes in ethnic patterns and beautiful Indian colors are the kind of gifts that will make your wedding the talk of the town. You can even design caricatures of the bride and groom for the cakes and take it to the next gift-giving level.

3. Colourful Umbrellas With An Ethnic Flavour

These Indian themed umbrellas can play a part in your wedding decor, and are something you can give away as the wedding return gifts at the end of the festivities. Two birds at one go.

4. Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel

This mini oak whiskey barrel will surely bring a smile to all the liqueur connoisseurs in attendance, and it can double up as a pretty decorative piece for the teetotalers too.

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5. Marble Globe Clock

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A handcrafted globe shaped clock could be a way of thanking the guests for their time. This gorgeous clock is painted with natural colours and is hand made by master craftsmen in India.

6. Fresh Organic Honey

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Natural honey collected by the local people indigenous to the Eastern Ghats makes for a fresh, sweet, organic and useful gift for the guests, health conscious or otherwise.

7. Hand Crafted Mirrors

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A decorative DIY set of mirrors with beautiful beads and colored threads makes for an easy and entertaining project for the family to bond over, and it’s easily available online as well.

8. Ceramic Camper Cookie Jar

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A classic American ’50s ceramic camper cookie jar in solid pastel colors is a perfect wedding return gifts that will take your guests back in time, and is something they’ll use every day with fond memories.

9. The Talented Elephant

A silver plated elephant that’s got a secret talent – a ring holder that’s a standout decorative piece by itself! This beautiful ornament can be personalized with an engraved message. A super cool return gift from the newlyweds.

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10. The Handy Goodies Bag (Customized Wedding Return Gifts)

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A handy goodies bag with a personalized message is a simple and pocket-friendly way to thank your guests.

11. Flower Matkas

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Go eco-friendly with these flowered earthen pots,aA simple gift that’s pretty and would surely bring a smile to the guests at the wedding. Can be personalized with a message and can be paired with some seeds for a DIY project too.

12. Ethnic Indian Candle Holder

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With beautiful eyes, vibrant colors and a welcoming posture, this elephant candle holder is a unique decorative gift to give your guests on the wedding day. Whether used outdoors or on the mantelpiece, this stylish candle holder makes for a memorable gift.

13. The Sindhoor Box

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This exquisitely handcrafted sindhoor box is a decorative piece that every Indian woman would use. Depending on your budget, you can choose the material it is made with: gold, gold plated, silver or silver plated. Whatever it’s made from, this stylish sindhoor box sure makes a statement and comes in most handy.

14. Desi Designer Cookies

These cookies are irresistibly Desi. Done in ethnic Indian designs, the colorful peacock and the cute elephant will thrill your guests with their “wow” factor as well as their sheer deliciousness!

15. Handy Kitchen Gadgets As Wedding Return Gifts

When it comes to the handy and practical there are some really quirky things to explore. Right from personalized bottle openers, quirky fridge magnets, and stylish shot glasses with your wedding date – these useful everyday items will serve as a great reminder of all the fun and frolic that was the wedding for years to come.

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