10 Awesome Wedding Reception Invitation Cards That You'll Want To Save Forever

The invitations hold an important place in the overall scheme of things related to weddings. Not only are they the first formal acknowledgement of ‘I am taken’ but they also give a peek into the wedding style to the guests. Whether it will a elegant, rustic, glamorous, modern or a wacky affair. While you may choose to use the same style for all the three occasions ( engagement, wedding and reception), if your theme for each occasion varies, it’s best to pick a card that best represents it. We have shared with you, some creative invitation cards for engagement. Now, we present to you, some interesting ideas you can explore for wedding reception invitations.

If you need a little bit of inspiration on this front, take a look at these lovely cards below. We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

1.The Black Slate Invite

Black Slate Invite

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An old style wedding reception invitation that reads “an after the wedding celebration” in dull violet. The rest of the text is in white to give an old wedding invite feel from the time when invitations were written on a slate board and kept at the town center. This invitation is a simple and pretty option that you could consider for your reception.

2. The Teal Blue & White Invite

Teal Blue And White Invite

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A simple and straightforward wedding reception invitation card with a clever mix of various fonts and shades of blue on a faded white cardboard paper. A very precise invite that’s got no drama, something couples who like to keep it simple will like.

3. The Vintage Photo Invite

Vintage Photo Invite

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A beautifully designed wedding reception invitation that has a full page picture of the bride and groom on one side and a vintage fonts in grey on the other side. A classy invite with an embossed “Mister & Missus”, one that is sure to find many a takers.

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Awesome Wedding Reception Invitation Cards

4. The Wheatish Lace Invite

An elegant wheat colored wedding reception invitation card with clear white text and a beautiful handmade floral design with white lace on top. An invitation that is elegant, stylish yet understated in design. A reception invitation that you can definitely consider.

5. The Subtly Formal Invite

A very casual wedding reception invitation card with simple use of colors and an eye pleasing pink, brown and white color scheme. This card is a please-all and nobody would ever have a problem with it. If there are too many opinions to take while deciding on a card, then this sure is your best bet. Elegant and simple.

6. The Concert Ticket Invite

A very cool idea for a wedding reception invitation. A card that is designed and printed to look like a concert ticket and if you’ve actually arranged for a live band or a performance at your reception party, it would sit perfectly well. After all marriage parties cant get any better than this – you got an invite that looks like a concert invite and the actual reception itself has a live performance! A kick-ass reception invitation idea that is scalable in many ways.

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7. The Honest Invite

What better way to invite your friends than honestly stating what’s on offer. This “Bites, Booze and some Bad Dance Moves” invite is brutally honest and humorous. A funny wedding reception invitation card in pleasant yellow, grey and white color theme with equally pleasing letter fonts. A card that is worth considering if you’re okay with publicizing your bad dance moves.

8. The Casual BBQ Invite

Casual BBQ Invite

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A colorfully done casual wedding reception invitation that is lively and absolutely gorgeous. You are invited for a Bar-be-Que and and an after party with drinks so you better come and enjoy. There is even a cute picture of a blue pig on the card! in case you still don’t get it. With black, blue and red for the text and a plain white card for the base, this card’s appeal lies in its innovative use of colors and fonts which makes a regular card look kick-ass.

9. The Wave Postcard Invite

Wave Postcard Invite

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A very grungy wedding reception invitation that is designed around a postcard. The appeal of this card is its use of rustic colors and a matte texture which adds to the whole “old postcard” theme. The hand painted wave-form at the back only accentuates the feel and makes this reception invite look very appealing. It has got pretty little hearts printed all over the background in a wallpaper fashion.

10. The Mint & Peach Wave Invite

Mint And Peach Wave Invite

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A vintage wedding reception invitation that has a very eye pleasing theme. With peach, mint and blue waves on the backside and a dull grey background with blue text upfront, this invite also has a colorful bright heart with an arrow printed on top, symbolizing the cupid’s strike! A card that is simple in design but still stands out due to the creative use of colors and letter fonts.