10 Awesome Budget Wedding Hall Decoration Ideas

Nailing down every bit of the detail of your wedding day is not an easy feat. Right from the bridal dresses to jewellery, food to gifts, everything has to be sorted out to the T. While the bride takes the centre-stage, the wedding venue also takes a prominent position among the wedding day check list. After selecting the venue, comes the decoration – quite a crucial element which factors in lot of things – general theme of the wedding, or a particular colour scheme (colour of table linen, flowers, drapes among others), and most importantly budget.The Wedding Hall Decoration is the one thing we need to pay a lot of attention to. Remember that often these decorations will only be used at your wedding and may have no use afterwards. So, look out for options where you can hire or rent little items that don’t need to be bought.

To help you kickstart your search, we have handpicked top ten wedding hall decorations options for you to get inspiration from. You can take elements from each one of them or as a whole or customize it according to your palette and have one beautiful wedding hall decoration for everyone to watch out for .

1. Go Big With Floral Decorations

Wedding Hall Decoration-1-Flower-decoration

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You don’t just have to stick to floral pieces for table decorations only. Get creative with them, prop them up as floral chandeliers or archways. They can transform your wedding space instantly and add a pop of drama too.

2. Signs

Wedding Hall Decoration-2-Sign

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These cute little signboards are perfect to go to in the summer. It not only makes it easier for your guests to find their way around to places like the bar, parking etc. but are also super cute way to personalize the entrance of the venue. You could also take it up a notch by writing personal messages for your guests under the sign.

3. Light Up The Candles

Wedding Hall Decoration-3-candles

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Candles are so versatile and come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. If your wedding or reception is in the evening, candles are the perfect way to light up the venue and set the stage for a beautiful and special evening ( I am already feeling all warm and fuzzy inside). You can pick candles that go with your colour theme and put them up in little enclosures on trees or even as centre pieces on every table. And hey, candles always look really good in photographs. Another alternative to candles are diyas, if you have a traditional theme.

4. Bunting

Wedding Hall Decoration-4-Bunting

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If you are having a beach wedding or a lovely reception in the morning, bunting is the perfect way to add an element of fun. Having become extremely popular this year, you can use it to decorate the back of your chairs or hang them on trees or even on the ceiling. They look extremely cute and can be customized according to your preferences.

5. Antique Chairs

Wedding Hall Decoration-5-Antique-Chairs

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Traditional Indian weddings almost look incomplete without antique chairs being around. You can brighten them up with colourful cushions of your choice or a string of marigold. You can also set up an antique jhula decorated with traditional Indian fabrics. They will undoubtedly become one of those favourite photograph spots. This one of the most opted indian wedding hall decoration.

6. Tents

Wedding Hall Decoration-6-tents

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Having little tents across your wedding venue gives your guests a chance to sit down and mingle with each other. You can go for themed tents in different colours with mod lighting or you can set up simple white coloured tents decorated beautifully with flowers. You don’t need to be of royal blood to have a royal wedding, do you?

7. Have A Sweet Stall

Wedding Hall Decoration-7-sweet-table

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Weddings are a happy occasion and what better way to celebrate than with a cute, little sweet stall? You could use paperwork to decorate your sweet cart along with bright, Indian drapes.

8. Let Social Media Take Over

Wedding Hall Decoration-8-social

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A really popular and fun thing to do at weddings these days is to create your own wedding hashtag and get your friends to instragram pictures from the wedding with the hashtag. Social media really has taken over the world, hasn’t it? You could create a large polaroid photobooth with the date of your wedding.

9. Floral Sculptures

Wedding Hall Decoration-9-Floral-sculptures

Image Courtesy : Shaadi Planners

Spotted those weddings with flower sculptures either at the entrance or around tables? The best part about this is you can pick any shape you want, even peacocks and elephants. They look absolutely beautiful and are a great, great addition to the wedding.

10. Create A Dreamy Stage

Wedding Hall Decoration-Dream stage decoration

Image Courtesy : VarVadhu Weddings

No wedding is complete without the perfect stage. Create a dreamy stage for yourself with lovely satin drapes along with large crystals filled with light or you could even use hanging bulbs. It adds an element of romance and is the perfect way to share those special moments with your better half. We hope you get your best wedding hall decoration idea and may your wedding be the most beautiful one ever!

We hope this list has helped you find inspiration for your wedding hall decorations. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.