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15 Exquisite Wedding Centerpieces

Bonsai-Branch-Centerpiece-great wedding centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are an extension of your chosen theme and personal style. These miniature versions of you usher verve and elegance into the tables, adding volume, pop and accent – all excellent qualities when it comes to decor. Choosing a centerpiece is fairly simple with just a few things to keep in mind: stay within […]

Farah Naaz Marriage: The Dainty Beauty's Tumultuous Love Life

farah naaz

Farah Naaz’s name might not ring a bell for many of us today. She is an actress who reached the prime of her career in late 1980s and then abruptly slipped into oblivion from public eye by mid-1990s. Though she had not completely vanished from showbiz, her appearance became intermittent and less conspicuous. Despite being […]

15 Qualities That Make You Her Dream Man


Every woman has an idea of what kind of a guy she wants to spend her life with. Be it his looks, personality, nature, behaviour or any other thing, there is always a set criteria in her mind, and these are the very qualities that make you her dream man. Now you may not be able […]

Tusshar Kapoor Marriage: Publicity Stunt Or Real?

Tusshar Kapoor is one actor who manages to check all that unusual boxes in the star-kid checklist of must-haves. Son of a legendary actor referred to as ‘Jumping Jack’, check. Having a ‘godmother’ sister, check. Films that do better in which he speaks little to nothing, double check! Tusshar, who is the son of the […]

Prachi Desai Marriage: Did She, Or Did She Not?


Prachi Desai has been the ‘blue-eyed’ girl of Indian television for quite a long time. She was first seen in television czarina Ekta Kapoor’s hit production called Kasamh Se in the year 2006. Back then, the young Gujarati actress was just 17 years old, and was at the threshold of becoming one of the most […]