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7 Riveting Rajasthani Wedding Songs To Celebrate Like Royalty

Rajasthanis are known for their rich and vibrant weddings with their traditional folk dances and booming nagara drum beats. In a similar vein, the myriad folk tunes and traditional compositions that hail from Rajasthan are always energetic, invigorating and so full of life! So, if you’re looking to blast some amazing Rajasthani wedding songs at […]

10 Engagement Photography Ideas For Couples In Love

The engagement is a beautiful beginning to a lifelong relationship of love, sharing and togetherness. Engagement photography is a fast catching trend in India, where by couples who are about to be engaged are documenting their love, bonding and all those precious “special” moments before they take the final plunge – of being an engaged […]

10 Selfish Love Quotes that are Infact Selfless

Is your love selfish, or selfless? It is necessary to be a bit greedy, mad and insane to truly be in love. Find out what it takes to love madly, deeply and like nothing else matters with these beautiful selfish love quotes. 1. One of the perfect selfish love quotes for couples who are madly-in-love. […]

10 Earnest Love Breakup Sms Mesages To Ease The Pain

It is never easy to say goodbye. It is even harder to come to terms with the fact that life as you imagined is going to change, irrevocably, forever. But sometimes, you need to be strong and do what’s right for you and your partner, and if breaking up is the best way forward – […]

25 Of The Most Innovative And Intimate Wedding Gift Ideas

Somebody you know is getting married, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and you’re out of ideas on what to gift? Worry not, as we’ve been looking all around to give you this list of super-cool and unique wedding gift ideas that’ll not just make you jolly but also make for an exciting gift for the couple. 1. Home-Made Dinner For […]

Telugu Wedding Songs: Top 10 Timeless Chartbusters

Telugu weddings songs are synonymous with fun and floor-tapping beats. Yes, we Telugus like to have grand wedding with lots of jewellery, good food and also great music. So for all the Telugu brides and grooms looking for some timeless and fun music to go with the wedding, have listed the top ten of the best […]

How To Fall In Love – A Ten Step Guide

So you want to fall in love, eh? First order of things, then, is to find love. For you see, love isn’t something that’s going to come knocking at your door. The reality is that falling in love isn’t as easy as it seems in the movies or any other love story that you see […]

10 Memorable Bridal Shower Invitations Guests Will Love

The earliest stories of the origin of the Bridal shower can be traced to a old-time Dutch legend that narrates the love story of a village miller and a beautiful young maiden of high-standing. The maiden came to be head-over-heels in love with the village miller much to the disappointment of her father, who hoped […]

15 Cute Love Messages To Melt Hearts

Love is cute and it is the nicest feeling one could ever experience. If you have been blessed to find the one who loves you, understands you and reciprocates every wink, kiss, hug and feeling you’ve for him or her then you ought to thank them for it. Express your love and your deepest, truest […]