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Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands : 34 Top Trending Styles


Arabic bridal mehndi designs for hands come in a zillion unique shapes, sizes and intricate styles. Though the detail and the the symmetry is exclusively Arabic, most Arabic mehndi designs these days are a fusion of Indian and Pakistan styles too. Here we have curated a balanced blend of utterly stunning traditional Arabic bridal mehndi […]

7 Latest Colourful Mehndi Designs For You!

The colour is unmistakeable and has been flaunted since ages without any change. But with time passing by and the fashion trends changing and gearing up so fast, henna designs have changed too. The new thing that is trending now is the multi-colour henna. From bright reds to indigo blues, from the silver shine to […]

8 Basic Steps For A Great Asian Bridal Makeup


Being a bride is a very special feeling and is a memory you will treasure all your life. A good bridal makeup can do wonders and make your dream a reality in just a few hours. It is very important to get the right makeup done for your wedding day. But that will definitely not […]

9 Glitter Mehndi Designs That Promise You Shall Shine

Blue And Green Henna

Glitter mehndi is the new henna art that has become popular in the recent times. Adding shiny and sparkling colours to beautiful brown mehndi designs makes them extremely attractive and alluring. The glitter makes the mehndi stand out and hence there is no surprise why it is becoming so popular. These designs are usually loud, […]

Bengali Mehndi Designs: Top 5 Bridal Mehndi Designs Of 2016


Bengali mehndi designs, Bengal is famous for its culture, artistry, creativity and literature. Artisans from Bengal are popular for their creative work in art and painting all over the globe. Bengali women have adorned their hands and feet with ‘Alta,’ the traditional red dye (for Bengali mehndi designs) that is considered very auspicious in Bengal. It […]

Zayed Khan Wedding With Malaika Parekh: The Road To Bliss


Zayed Khan Wedding: Famously known as Zayed Khan in the film Industry, Zayed Abbas Khan is the fourth and last child of erstwhile Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan and Interior designer Zarine Khan. He comes from family of the film industry that is both renowned and controversial, and has essentially been in the limelight right from […]

7 Latest Bombay Style Mehndi Designs For You


Bombay is a city of dreams. The culture, the nightlife, the film industry, the serene beach and everything else about Bombay has its own charm and beauty. Bombay has been the hub for fashionistas and creativity. Well, we all love Bombay; been there or not, it definitely is a great place to be associated with. […]

9 Smashing & Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids


What comes to your mind first when you think of kids and mehndi? Simple mehndi designs for kids of course! On one hand, the designs look so cute on the little ones and on the other hand just getting them to sit and get the artwork done can be a pain. We all know how […]

10 Latest Red and Black Mehndi Designs For You!


Mehndi designs glorify the culture and heritage of the countries who practise this form of art and design, and some of the most elegant and famous ones are the red and black mehndi designs.It is an integral part of all the occasions and festivals. There are different types of mehndi designs available. The most popular ones are […]

7 Magnificent Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips To Look Stunning!


Pakistani weddings are known for their grandeur and exquisiteness. The opulent and extremely vibrant celebrations make these weddings more than just gloss and glamour. Weddings are a perfect blend and fusion of traditions and values and they celebrate the soulful affair of two souls getting together to be one. Pakistani brides are seen adorning the […]