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9 Fuss Free Mehndi Design For Groom

Nomad Heart mehndi Design for groom

Shaadi calls for a grand Mehndi function — dhol, daaru and lots of dhamaka. But that’s not just for the brides. It is an Indian tradition for a groom to wear Mehndi too, hence the many mehndi design for groom ideas. This way while the guests get busy dining and wining, the bride and the groom […]

9 Most Romantic One Line Love Quotes For Her


Don’t you all wish to be like Mr. Big in your girl’s life? Who gently swoops her off her feet with his sweet words and chivalrous styles? Be that loving man in her life, and show her how much she means to you. In the end, all she wants is just another reassurance from you […]

8 Of The Best DIY From The Bridal Juda Hairstyle Guide


Many love to wear a messy bun or a curly bun when they wear a gorgeous gown. Many like to leave their hair open with soft curls bouncing on their shoulders. But when it comes to weddings, the Indian brides like to keep their look traditional and elegant. After wearing their beautiful lehengas and silk […]

9 Creative Ideas For Rustic Wedding Decorations


Imagine this, you and your partner by the fireplace, hand in hand, dancing to a beautiful song, and not being able to take your eyes off him/her. Under the moonlit sky, everything around you blurs out. A soft gush of cool breeze touches you, and you get out of a reverie thinking, yes, this is […]

10 Lost Love SMS For Broken Hearts


Broken hearts leave eternal scars, and memories that are difficult to erase. If only we had complete control over our mind, we would erase all the memories of the one we so dearly loved and embrace the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind with no memories that bring us grief. Sigh. Don’t broken hearts wish […]

8 Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs For Beginners

6 Arabic Mehendi Designs

Arabic designs look complex because of their free flowing patterns, bolder lines and shading styles. But they are not as intricate and complex as Indian mehndi designs. If you wish to learn to sketch Arabic mehndi designs, then read on. Below are 8 simple Arabic mehndi designs for beginners that are fun, beautiful and most […]

Touching Sad Love Quotes In Hindi For Wounded Hearts


There is a Romeo or Juliet in all of us. We are suckers for romance and desi drama, but while some like to express their feelings by singing songs in English or writing Shakespearean sonnets in a continued effort to try and woo their princess (often by standing below her balcony), others still, choose to […]

Buddha Quotes On Love: 5 Pieces Of Wisdom From The Ages

buddha quotes on love

Buddha was not an incarnation of God, he was but an ordinary man like us who sought for wisdom and enlightenment. His teachings were inspirational, and they made all of us want to become better human beings. But his teachings on love were practical, applicable, scientific and clear. He emphasized on the four aspects of […]

Engagement Invitation Wording: Top 10 Beautiful Invitation Ideas

Engagement Invitation Wording: Beautiful Ideas To Thrill Your Guests.After deciding on a simple or an extravagant engagement invitation card, when we sit down to ponder over finding the perfect engagement invitation wording to embellish those beautiful engagement invitations, we just get lost in a surreal world. We debate whether to make it sound like a beautiful […]