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Emotional Love Poems To Make You Shed A Solitary Tear


Like the warm rays of the rising sun, poems can touch our hearts and souls with their purity and stirring wordplay. A good poem ignites compassion and rekindles our spirits of joy and happiness. It mirrors the love we hold in our heart and makes it easier for us to express them so easily in […]

7 Christian Bridal Makeup Hacks To Get That Dewy Look

Hiring A Professional 7

Bride or bridesmaid, don’t fret about how you will get ready for a morning wedding with so many people hovering around you. And with impatient aunts and sisters constantly talking about how dashing the bridegroom or the best man is looking. Take a deep breath and exhale. Get gorgeous and avoid a wedding-day disaster with […]

7 South Indian Bridal Makeup Videos To Master The Art


South Indian weddings are simple and traditional affair, and our south Indian bridal makeup videos are here to take the complications out of the makeup too! While the South Indian makeup is heavily influenced by the region, the sentiments remain the same – stumping the groom with your gorgeous self. Hiring a professional makeup artist is […]

5 Poetic Sonnet Love Messages For Fiance


Hooked! Booked! And engaged! It is the time when you are on cloud nine. You cannot think of anything other than ways to please him/her. From long drives to holding hands and walking on the beach, everything else seems to not matter at all. You tend to do things that you have never done before […]

5 I Love You Poems For Him He Will Always Cherish!

i love you poems for boyfriend

In all we girls, dwells a part of Juliet who stands on her balcony and awaits her Romeo. We gaze at the twinkling stars and wish to get struck by Cupid’s arrow. We dream of treading long pebbled paths holding hands. We dream of surfing in the ocean and resting on golden sand. To us, […]

9 One Line Love SMS Texts To Say The L Word


We all desire to express how we feel. And sometimes, in as little words as possible. Sometimes we are able to find the right emotions to convey our hearts deepest desires and at times we are not. If you find yourselves at a crossroad, beaming up with emotions but unable to pen it down for […]