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How ALTBalaji's Magnum Opus Web Series Paurashpur Conjures The Past Through its Magnificent Costumes!


Costumes play a key role in any visual narrative. It helps actors transform into larger-than-life characters on-screen. That is especially true when the story is an epic drama where the costumes express not only the social and cultural bearings but also the mood and personality of the characters portrayed. Something the creators of ALTBalaji’s Paurashpur […]

Best Wedding Gifts For This Wedding Season

Best Wedding Gifts For This Wedding Season

Weddings are joyous occasions. Family, friends, and colleagues all gather around a happy couple on this auspicious event to celebrate their new beginning together. In most countries, it’s a tradition for guests to bring gifts along with their best wishes for the new couple as they start this journey in life together. However, choosing a […]