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Best Of Carolina Herrera – 14 Wedding Dresses To Die For


Carolina Hererra stuck to the below principles and all of her designs have emerged from this core. In her own words (to Vogue, in 1987) she prefers, “clothes that are simple, well cut, but with one major extravagance.” Originating in Venezuela, Hererra shifted base to New York where she soon found herself designing for Caroline Kennedy […]

15 Elegant DIY Wedding Centerpieces That Are 100% Idiot-Proof


If you’re a hoarder of DIY pins and love craftsy projects, here’s an opportunity to unleash your creative side… in your life’s biggest project, no less. With planning, zeal, and plenty of time, the options are boundless. It’s an opportunity to save a chunk of money and enhance the prettiest detailing of the decor. Remember […]

10 Super Modish Ways To Style Short Hair


“Short hair, don’t care!” is the fad doing the rounds right now, and we couldn’t be more behind it. However, chopping your hair off is a decision that you might want to make with some more information so that you don’t end up with any regrets. Or if you’re already wearing you hair short, and […]

9 Classic Color Combos To Explore For Your Wedding


Choosing a wedding colour combination is a great first step when it comes to wedding planning. Setting a color combination early on makes a lot of the detailing decisions that follow easier. In fact, almost every thing at the wedding can be coordinated with the overarching color theme of the wedding – from the floral […]

23 Evergreen Romantic Bridal Hairstyles


It seems that these modern times – especially given the internet – has seen us spoilt for choice. Narrowing your options to a single hairstyle that matches your style, be it floral, retro, chignon, braided, curly, messy or just about anything else… seems a daunting task. In light of such a decision, we bring to […]

12 Things To Do The Night Before You Say ‘I Do’


It’s been a long and drawn out process, and you’re now on the brink of being married. Everything you have envisioned and worked towards is now (almost) a reality. The night before the wedding can be quite unnerving with a mix of emotions running high. However, there are still plenty of things to do before you […]