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What is a Promise Ring?


This is a question that most of us end up asking only to confuse ourselves further with the million definitions we find online and through other sources. A ‘Promise Ring’ has various meanings for different people. The truest meaning of course depends on what you symbolize it with no matter what others say. But if […]

21 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don't Want To Miss


So you’re getting married and have managed to get just about everything on point. With everything now sorted, all you have to do is to look perfect on the day. Now we probably don’t need to tell you this, but the photographer is usually the VIP for the bride and groom – it’s the genius […]

12 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Day


Your wedding is fast approaching and you’re running around trying to get things done. Dresses, accessories, communiques, invitations… it can all be, and generally is, daunting. But what you’re basically doing is prepping yourself for wedding day. But what does that actually mean? The family, too, will be full of suggestions and tips about what […]

9 Important Things Brides Forget To Do On Wedding Day

spend-time-with-your-husband--Things Every-Bride Forgets-to-Do-on -Her-Wedding -Day

As a guest, weddings are super fun! You get to eat free food and dance like no one’s watching. But as a bride, it can be pretty confusing. The wedding day is something that most women dream about. It is that day when they start their lives ‘officially’ with the man of their dreams. It […]

The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Long-Strolls-Together-The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Most people dream of getting married and living their lives with their true soul-mate. The thing is, and we probably don’t need to tell you this, but maintaining happy relationships is no easy task. Every individual is different, and each comes with complex personalities. Really, there is never a fixed way to ensure that you […]

How To Make A Girl Feel Special: The ABCs Of Loving Her


Life is about the finding happiness in the small little things that are part of your daily routine. Knowing how to make a girl feel special isn’t all about big gestures or movie-style methods. You can always find out how to make a girl feel special daily by checking up on her, and doing small gestures […]

Things The Mother Of The Bride Should Do


Weddings are beautiful, timeless celebrations. They are a reflection of love, togetherness and family. However, one thing they are not is cake walk (though there might be cake). Whether you talk about the bride and groom or their families, weddings are always filled with things to do, little jobs that keep you on your toes […]

Wedding Backdrops: 25 Stage Sets For A Fairy Tale Wedding


Wedding backdrops are a super fun thing! They keep you completely engrossed in everything about them. Right from the bejeweled trinkets to the location and décor, everything keeps you on your toes. So You are obviously doing your bit of research about wedding backdrops. Here are some of the best wedding backdrops for you to draw […]