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Bridal Bangles - 50 Gorgeous And Elegant Bangle Sets Of All Time


Bridal bangles are an essential part of every bridal ensemble. They don’t just complete the whole bridal look, bridal bangles are steeped in Indian bridal traditions.An Indian bridal look essentially has 16 components which are called the solah shringaar and bangles are the most prominent of the lot. Bridal bangles come in different shapes, sizes, colours, […]

Funny Love Stories: 10 Goofy Tales Shared By Real Couples


Even the most cynical amongst them cannot resist their allure. After all, we’re just waiting to find (or in the process of living) our very own such story. But since some love stories can be deep, sincere, somber and solemn, we decided to balance the equation and bring you some equally affectionate, but funny love […]

Half Sarees: 11 Stylishly Traditional Designs


Half saree is known as a ‘Langa voni’ or a ‘Davani’. It is an ensemble for girls and younger women in most parts of Southern India. It is a three-piece garment which comes with a blouse, skirt and a dupatta. It is a variant of the ‘lehenga choli’ and the ‘gagra choli’, differentiated only by the […]

How To Wear A Coorgi Saree


As the name suggests, the Coorgi style of draping a saree comes from the small hill-station town of Coorg in Karnataka. The Coorgi style is different from all other styles of draping a saree – thus unique in its own way. In this style, the pallu comes in front from over the shoulder while the […]

How To Be A Good Wife? 14 Tips For A Start!


It’s a question that almost every woman has considered, how to be a good wife? Every relationship needs some hard work from both sides. Whether you’re friends, or a couple, you need to be the best version of yourself to sustain the relationship. Being friends is somewhat easier I’d say as there are lesser expectations […]

Love Advice – 15 Candid Tips For A Successful Relationship


No matter what you do in life, something or the other ends up messing with your relationship. Sometimes it’s your professional life that takes a toll over your personal life and sometimes it’s simply your equation with others. No one really knows how to perfect the art of love. We’re all playing a trial and […]

Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Hair: 32 Looks Trending This Season

Short-Braided-Bun-Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Wedding season is just around the corner and every would-be-bride will be hustling around trying to perfect all the details of the wedding. Perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect venue and everything else must be just perfect leaving no scope for anything to be near-perfect! So the same goes for the hairdo too, doesn’t it? Long, […]