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10 Awesome Wedding Aisle Decorations To Choose From

The walk down the aisle is the moment that kick-starts the wedding. It’s the first time the groom and all the others at the wedding will lay eyes on the bride. Every moment of her slow walk to the altar is firmly etched in the memories of her loved ones. They say the look on […]

10 Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples


You return from work tired and settle into the couch with a drink. You imagine the card on your table giving you a sly look as if to say, “Ignore me until it’s too late, haha…can’t wait to see you weep later!” That’s an engagement party invite on your table and it knows! You are […]

When Celebrity Couples Call It Quits – Decoding Why!


Gwyneth Paltrow invented a new phrase ‘conscious uncoupling’ to describe the end of her 11-year marriage with hubby Chris Martin in 2014. Celeb marriages everywhere seem to be running into trouble, with Bollywood witnessing its fair share of celebrity breakups in recent years. The Farhan-Adhuna Akhtar separation has re-ignited the debate on divorce and sanctity […]

When Love Is Not Enough – The Road Ahead!


Every love story doesn’t end with the couple holding hands and walking away into the sunset. For every love story that could make the transition to a happy marriage, there are many that don’t because being in love isn’t enough. The journey – from first look you share with the one you love to the […]