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How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special? Here's How!

Do you count yourself lucky to have found him? Every time you look at him, do you whisper a secret thanks to the higher powers above? If your boyfriend makes you very happy and you are in a perfect relationship, you will find yourself praying that nothing jinxes it. If you fear losing him, relax, […]

11 Simple Wedding Cakes That You Will Love

You need a wedding cake that is simple yet beautiful. Cake tasting might seem like fun at the outset, but might leave you confused in the end. We have picked out some beautifully simple wedding cakes, dreamy looking naked cakes and textured cakes to inspire you on the quest for finding the perfect wedding cake. 1. Cotton […]

15 Unique Wedding Cakes Guaranteed To Leave You Spellbound

When we come across cakes that express the couples’ personalities, their idea of love or the wedding theme they chose in an unusual yet delightful way, we think “Oh! That’s unique.” Here is a selection of unique wedding cakes that we feel strike the right balance between being unique and experimental. 1. Jodha-Akbar. A Royally […]

12 Square Wedding Cakes To Choose From For Your BIG Day

Square wedding cakes are gaining popularity as more and more brides are now looking for a modern flair in their wedding cake that matches their personality. Square wedding cakes can be as beautiful as the round ones. They have a contemporary feel and a very elegant silhouette. Square symbolizes rationality, stability and honesty. They say […]

Pakistani Bridal Dresses: 15 Trending Styles To Look Like A Shehzadi

Ever heard of the ‘Gharara’ or the ‘Sharara’? They are the most popular outfits Pakistani bridal dresses. Get ready to explore the world of Pakistani Bridal Fashion with us! Let’s go over the outfit choices for each important event in the bridal journey along with the designer trends that were ruling the ramps at the […]

Velvet Bridal Lehenga Cholis: 10 Magnificently Royal Designs

The best velvet bridal lehenga cholis to look like a princess!The fabric of royalty is here. Velvet has enjoyed a noble position in the ranks of fabrics from the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. But wonder why Kings, Queens and Nobles so favoured the velvet cloth? Well, simply because it made them look ‘royally’ good. […]

Funny Wedding Invitation Ideas: 17 Invites That'll Leave The Guests ROFL!

Why risk having an out-of-box comic wedding invite when a classic one will do the job?Because each of you has a unique personality and a different story to tell. Sounds like a marketing line your wedding planner throws at you? Not really! Most couples nowadays ask for personalized weddings, weddings as UNIQUE as they are! Humour Requires […]

How To Manifest Love: 8 Practical And Easy Ways

How to manifest love? Manifestations, huh? Well, Facebook is most certainly a blessing and a curse. Some days are particularly trying! You still remember the day your colleague updated her relationship status and shared clicks of her hot love interest? You had to endure a mini battle between your envy-mixed-curiosity and a desire to avoid […]

10 Awesome Indian Wedding Invitation Templates You Will Love

Do you love your Indian heritage? If yes, then we suggest you sprinkle Indian motifs throughout your wedding paraphernalia. Adding cultural depth to your wedding memories is easy. There is nothing more appealing than adding a touch of tradition to your wedding prep. This cultural infusion can start right from the design of your wedding […]

10 Trendy Black And White Wedding Invitations

The world we see is a fantastic array of colours. We associate colour with playfulness, energy and zest for life. If someone lacks a vibrant personality, we say, “Oh she is dull and colourless.” If someone is living a boring life, we say, “Add some colour to your life.” At least in the world of […]

10 Funny And Inspiring Informal Wedding Invitation Wordings

Lost for words again? And you thought you had crossed that bridge when you were struggling to come up with the perfect proposal. But here you are, back to trying to find the right words and this time it’s for your wedding invitation. You feel like going the informal route but don’t want to end […]

15 Epic Wedding Couple Photography Ideas For Newlyweds

A photograph captures a moment in our lives. Photography lets us freeze time in order to revisit important memories of our lives effortlessly. Immortalizing a cherished memory helps us re-experience the joy it bestowed at our convenience. Wedding couple photography seeks to capture an important moment – a new beginning for two people who will […]