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8 Insanely Creative Wedding Photography Ideas To Steal From

How many times have you browsed through the same wedding photo albums? Remember those cheesy romantic quotes and family portraits with the stiff smiles? If you are tired of these traditional shots, and are looking for unique and creative wedding photography, you are in luck. Indians have boldly been moving away from these boring old […]

Candid Wedding Photography: 4 Ways to Capture That Picture Perfect Moment

Back in the past, art was the last thing that you would associate with wedding photography. You’d walk into the dingy photographer’s office to book their services. They’d show up with their cameras on your big day, cover the major happenings, wrap up and head on back. The bride and groom, cheeks aching from the […]

5 Spellbinding Henna Heart Designs That Celebrate Love

Remember when we were kids, how excited we would get about anointing our arms with crazy henna designs of our own making! Such is the importance of mehndi in our culture that girls of all age groups love to get themselves temporarily tattooed, and some of the most popular designs are the pretty heart henna designs. […]

Bengali Wedding Photography - All You Need To Know

Bengalis are known all over India to be a creative, passionate and an intellectual set of people. And a Bengali wedding would definitely reflect this! Full of timeless customs that are loaded with significance and meaning, a Bengali wedding is truly like no other. Whether it is the Dodhi Mangal ceremony, the Shakha Paula or […]

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas To Pamper Your Guests

Planning your perfect wedding is not going to be a one day job. You already knew that, right? You’ll first need to focus on the essentials; by this I mean your bridal finery, the overall theme for your wedding, the food and entertainment, the wedding photographer – you know where I’m going with this. Once […]

South Indian Wedding Photography That Will Blow your Mind

The wonderful thing about photographs is how they are able to freeze time for an eternity. That moment which will never return can be captured in all its perfection, and these memories can last you a lifetime. When it comes to your wedding day, photography becomes even more important. After ten, maybe twenty years, this […]

5 Sensual Bajuband Mehndi Designs ( Armlet) That Will Inspire You

Henna designs have been blossoming and then fading in the hands of brides for many centuries now, and one of the forms they take is the bajuband mehndi design. Not only are these temporary tattoos intricate, and aesthetically pleasing, but they also carry great cultural significance. The red hues of the mehndi are considered auspicious […]

Ram Charan Marriage With His Love Upasana: Exclusive Pics

Talented, young and handsome, actor Ram Charan is a household name in most South Indian homes, and the story of the Upasana – Ram Charan marriage is a unique one! The son of the celebrated legend Chiranjeevi, grandson to Allu Rama Lingaiah and cousin to the star Allu Arjun, these credentials alone would have been […]

Sachin Tendulkar Marriage: The Little Master's Love Story

Sachin Tendulkar is one person who really needs no introduction in our country. Fondly referred to as the ‘Little Master’, he is best known for his commendable achievements in the world of cricket. If there is one thing though, which he has managed to elude from the public eye, that’s his love life. But the […]

Rani Mukerji Marriage With Bollywood's Biggest Producer

Rani Mukerji Marriage: Rani is one of those faces that you can never forget after seeing once. She is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Bollywood and remains one of the most enduring faces, even after several ups and downs in her long career. Whether she portrays the hot college heart throb […]

Stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

Did you know that probably hundreds or thousands of years ago, Indians were one of the first people to get their bodies tattooed? What has now become a fashion statement has always existed in India as an art form practiced by many tribal communities. The art of mehndi is an extension of this tradition, where men and […]

Deep Love quotes For Him To Make Him Fall Head Over Heels

Pages and pages of ink has been spilt on one topic alone – love. It is magical, effervescent, lucid, confusing, empowering and frightening all at once. Some say it is love that makes the world go around, for others it is the sole purpose of life. For existentialists, love is what fills in the void […]