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The Difference Between Love And Infatuation - The Big Question!

Ah, the age old ‘is it love or infatuation’ confusion. How do you know the difference between love and infatuation? How do you tell them apart? Is there even a way to tell them apart? Goddamn movies that seem so sure, that love is supposed to feel a certain way, you’ve had enough of them. […]

How To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply. But They Don't

I’m a total movie maniac. A sucker especially for romcoms. I like happy endings. Oh go on, judge me. I am not ashamed to admit it. Romcoms are all about finding love and happy endings, real life though is such a far cry from that breezy world. Love and what follows, even sometimes the heart […]

Latest Western Mehndi Designs To Go With All Outfits

Over the years, mehndi designs have evolved, and adapted to times and tattoos. Yes, I say tattoos because mehndi tattoos are the new fad. The western world’s adaptation of the traditional mehndi is fun, contemporary and most of the times you can do the western mehndi designs yourself. Here are Western Mehndi Designs that will […]

Teenage Love Advice I Wish I Got For Common Teenage Love Problems

Teenage love advice is tough to give, But then, teenage is probably the toughest phase to pass in life. You are not a child, not yet an adult. Well, a lot of adults aren’t really adults either, so to speak, but that’s another story. Throw in some hormones, changing physicality and acne to this mix, […]

Unrequited Love Movies: 15 Movies That Will Tear You Up

There is a lot of pining, waiting, hearts breaking, some more waiting, and then some more hearts break and maybe there is a happy ending or a logical conclusion. I like movies with happy endings. Or give me super hero movies. Or movies about overcoming odds, the classic underdog movies. Hey! I’ll even take mindless […]

Wedding Accessories: 8 Absolutely Adorable Must-Haves

You’ve picked your trousseau, have the beautician appointments all in order, the jewelry is all sorted. You’re all set for the big day, well at least you think and hope you are. There are however a few more wedding accessories you perhaps are required to wear by tradition or a couple of them you want […]

Artificial Bridal Jewellery Sets - 9 Best You Can Splurge On

Indian women love jewellery. I will even go so far as saying that jewellery is the one great love of our lives.. We have all grown up coveting necklaces that our mothers wore for weddings, the bangles that our grandmothers wore everyday, and their special occasion kadas that came out for festivities. Although jewellery is not […]

Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas – Do It In Style!

It’s always a good idea to pick a theme for the wedding. It makes life so much more easier for people who have to put it together and even for you. My favourite for the season is the peacock themed wedding plan. The peacock is a magnificent bird. The colours on it are vibrant and […]

How To Show Love To Your Girlfriend – No Rocket Science Here!

Knowing how to show love to your girlfriend really depends on a lot. We aren’t all built the same way. Not all of us can articulate our emotions. Not all of us even want to articulate them. And that’s fine too. If all of us were built the same way, the world would’ve been a […]

Ghagra Choli For Wedding: 25 Gorgeous Indian Lehenga Ensembles

Ghagra choli for wedding festivities are the most natural choice for an Indian woman. It’s one of the two most popular choices for the bridal season. The ghagra choli or the lehenga choli is a must have in any bridal trousseau. For how many occasions will you wrap yourself in a saree albeit a stunning […]

How To Know Someone Loves You – Tell-Tale Signs To Look Out For

“How to know someone loves you?”, It is the ever intriguing question, isn’t it? We have all wondered so about someone or the other,  especially if we’re in a relationship with the person. All the tell-tale signs are there. They look at you, they respond to your messages, they even ask you out for coffee, […]

Wedding Blouse Designs: 12 Cool Varied Blouses To Redefine Style

Trust me when I say this, your wedding blouse designs can make or break your outfit/saree. It totally can. There is no point of owning a stunning saree, without paying attention to the blouse that will complement it . If you have one stunning choli, you can team it with at least five different sarees or […]